Unban Mobile Devices at Thurstable School

Unban Mobile Devices at Thurstable School

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Thurstable Students started this petition to Thurstable School (Secondary School and Sixth Form) and

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Thurstable School has recently created a new rule that recently completely bans the use of mobile phones on school grounds (from the 4th of January 2021). This rule does not help many students as it removes access to conversing with parents while inside the school (during break time and lunch). This is necessary for some students, as many ask for example for money to be added to their dinner card through parent pay, as they have run out, or to ask other questions.

We understand phones aren't to be used in class, we have for a long time. We have seen first-hand teachers confiscate phones immediately when seen. But to remove them from our free time is too much. 

Phones should be confiscated/disallowed on a per person basis instead of removing them from us all. We know this is possible as this has happened to students before multiple times with no need. We think this option will benefit many students as they will be given some freedom - with still having consequences.

The addition of this ban on mobile phones will in certain cases put extra strain on parts of the school that in this post COVID world just don't need. 

As an example;

If a student has run out of funds on their student lunch card and does not have access to their mobile phone, a member of staff may suggest that they go to student reception and ask if it's possible to call a parent or carer. This could overwhelm reception with a larger number of students at once leading to some not being able to have food, this also wouldn’t be safe in the current pandemic.


An email about the matter from headteacher James Ketley stated that

"Heads of Year, in particular, are often dealing with incidents that have arisen through mobile phone usage in school e.g. using phones to make unkind comments and engage in cyberbullying which has a significant impact on the victim’s self-esteem."


" There are significant health benefits e.g. better sleep"

We would like to understand how removing devices from school will help combat experiences that happen at home. Many people leave "unkind comments and engage in cyberbullying" at home, and it is extremely rare for this to happen at school. 

"Girls Are Suffering From Higher Rates of Depression and Anxiety" has some understandable points. But all of the points set, can happen at home - and most likely will. There is no major way to weaken these issues except from talking to parents directly about monitoring their children.

We think these decisions were not thought about properly and think the decision to ban phones should be rethought with people with things like medical conditions in mind as they may/need to keep in contact with parents.


Students from Thurstable School


@thurstudents on Twitter | thurstablestudents@gmail.com

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