Thousands of children at risk from IM Academy cryptosect - Say NOT to the event in Zurich!

Thousands of children at risk from IM Academy cryptosect - Say NOT to the event in Zurich!

6 de septiembre de 2022
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Firmas: 45.580Próximo objetivo: 50.000
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Iniciada por Laura garces gonzalez

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It's been a year since I lost my son. Andrés was a normal 17-year-old teenager: he hung out with his friends, watched movies with his family, and studied. Until one day the IM Academy cryptosect caught him in a park. When I look into his eyes I don't recognize him. The love he used to give to his family has now turned into arguments to defend the cult that has brainwashed him. I am desperate and I feel that my son will never be the same again. Unfortunately, I am not the only one, we are thousands of affected families who have denounced this organization for sectarian practices and fraud against minors. The worst thing is that this "academy" is organizing events all over the world and the next one is on the 3rd of October in Zurich. My son and many affected mothers want to go and we need you to stop them as we did by preventing their event in Dubai. 

We don't have much time and we have to stop it! Sign and share the petition to ask Hallenstadion, the Mayor of Zurich, and all their sponsors not to allow this massive event that will wipe out thousands of families and shatter the ambitions of children forever >>>>

A few weeks ago we managed to stop an event that was to be held at the Coca-Cola Arena in Dubai. Thanks to our petition and the more than 45,000 people who signed it, we made history. But unfortunately, they soon found another place to hold it and we have NO TIME LEFT. 

One day your son has dreams and hopes for his future, for studying, for meeting his friends and in a few weeks, you find yourself with a person who has been annulled, who leaves all his money to an organization that is being investigated for pyramid fraud. It pains me to admit it, but sometimes I feel disgusted when I look at his face because I don't recognize him. But if this is painful, it is even harder to know that this sect continues to recruit underage kids like my son with total impunity all over the world. Events are their main recruiting ground. Thousands of innocent young people go there thinking they can get rich in a few weeks by investing all their money in cryptocurrencies. 

Thousands of young people from all over the world, including my son, will come and pay a fortune to listen to fraudsters who have become millionaires by taking advantage of innocent children. We have to stop it but we have to stop it NOW. Please sign and share this petition now with all your contacts. We cannot allow this event to take place and thousands of children's lives and those of their families to be destroyed. 

We have written to the Mayor of Zurich, to all the stadiums and venues we have found, and to those listed as sponsors on the event website but we have not received a clear response and that is why we want to keep going until it is stopped. We know from experience that your signatures are helping to stop this barbarity as it happened in Dubai. But now we need you more than ever.

If we stop this event we will stop it from happening because there are only three weeks left and it will be impossible for them to find something in such a short time, but we NEED YOU! SIGN AND SHARE >>>

In my house we live in fear of speaking our minds, arguments are almost daily and since this started I haven't slept a single day. My relationship with my son is destroyed and I can't take it anymore. Living with a follower is a hell that no parent is prepared for. In the cryptosect they are educated to tell us what we want to hear, to be educated and manipulate us as they please. Since he entered, he has not stopped lying to us and giving us the wrong answer at the slightest opportunity. I have to hide every time I talk to someone about this because if he listens to me I know he would pack his bags and leave home the same day. 

Let's not let anyone else have to go through this. Today it was my turn but tomorrow it could be anyone. For our sons and daughters, for the generations to come. Let's achieve a historic mobilization to put an end to this event. 

Thank you for your support, 

Lola, desperate mother of a follower of IM Academy

[Fictitious names have been used to protect the identity of the petitioner and her son].

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Firmas: 45.580Próximo objetivo: 50.000
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