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We, the permanent campers, "weekend warriors”, and frequent visiting members of Wilmington Thousand Trails located at 1786 OH 380 Wilmington Ohio 45177, demand that Thousand Trails/Encore Parks owned by Equity Lifestyle Properties Inc. allocate funds for a minimum of the below mentioned improvements to the Wilmington Thousand Trails . These improvements are needed not only for the safety of your members and their families, but for the revenue that the park could be making. We as the permanent campers, "weekend warriors”, and frequent visiting members of Wilmington Thousand Trails know that this park has the potential for greatness for us and amazing revenue for you, IF, the upkeep and improvements are made. We are going to cover our greatest concerns at this time (although other areas could also use improvements), and the demands in the order that we feel are the most important (1 being the most important).


1.      The Playground: We have one (1) playground at this property. The playground is located in the B Loop of the property. I have attached a current picture of the said playground. The playground at this time is unstable and could cause a liability issue to the company should a child get hurt and injury to members or even visitors that stay at the park. This has been brought up to the manager several times. Some members don’t even allow their children to play on the structure for fear of injury. Activities that have been planned at the playground have been moved from due to fear of injury to children. We would like somewhere for our young children and families to be able to play together without worrying if a rusty nail will be sticking up (this has happened), or if 3 kids are on the playground and it is swaying so much that parents are pulling their kids off because it could fall at any minute (this has happened as well). Unfortunately, this is also the first amenity that you see when entering the park besides the dump station. People have left due to this eye sore. We are requesting to see a playground that is equal to the playground at the Thousand Trails Indian Lakes Park located in Batesville, Indiana for our children to play safely. I have attached a picture taken this year at Thousand Trails Indian Lakes, Batesville Indiana .


2. Extended Camping Time: Wilmington Thousand Trails is one of the few local and regional campgrounds that does not offer year around camping.  It is also important to note that Batesville, Indiana (A Thousand Trails/Encore Park) does offer year around camping and they are only 80 miles directly West of our campground.  For the permanent members at Wilmington, we only get to enjoy 26 weeks at our campground for nearly the exact same annual prices as Indian Lakes and other local/Regional campground permanent members in our area.  This also pushes "Weekend Warriors" to book business with other local campgrounds as well.  Based on one of many infrastructural short comings at Wilmington, we have been told that the major reason for limited camping weeks is that the water pipes freeze.  The members recognize that a fully functioning park year round may not be feasible today, but we do not understand why the park cannot be open earlier and remain open later in the year based on the actual weather we enjoy in Southern Ohio.  Annual temps in March are well above freezing (avg high 50) and in November they are even better (avg high 52) and so we miss out on the opportunity to camp for 10 additional weeks based on the current open date of April 15 2016 and current close date of October 16 2016.   We are requesting that the park open 3/1 and remain open until 11/30 for the 2016 camping season and beyond.  Due to permanent members being required to pay our power bills monthly, we are not sure why the power cannot remain on year around even if water and sewer may not be available.  As very active members promoting our park, we hear potential members who reside at others parks, who had thought about potentially moving to Wilmington and even from the current members that this is an issue for them.  As we/they evaluate the investment each year the ROI is significantly lower at Wilmington against other parks due to the limited season especially when you take in account other parks better amenities and their generally better infrastructure for the exact same (or lower) prices. In Addition, we are requesting that the electric stay on year round for the permanent campers since this in no way affects the park as all permanent campers pay for all electric at their campsites.



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