This War Must Stop

This War Must Stop

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Started by J S Chahal

February 24, 2022 – Russia-Ukraine war started. Since then, news channels all over the world, are showing horrifying pictures of horror and harm unleashed by the brutal blast of bombs. Missiles mauling mankind.  Hypersonics hitting humankind. Rockets ravaging skyscrapers into rubble and ruins. Bombs burning the buildings. Tanks targeting theatres. Troops tearing down towns. Death and destruction everywhere. Dead bodies of soldiers lying on soil. Millions of migrants on the move.

War has weltered the whole world. We’re worried. The world is worried.

The two countries that share cultural and other ties – become hostile. Inflicting maximum damage to the other. Killing as many soldiers of the opponent as possible. Using drones to decimate the hiding humanity.  

Thousands miles away, I occasionally, collect courage to watch it all again on TV. Firearms are still fuelling fires. Smoke is still coming out of skyscrapers. More deaths. More damage. More devastation. More destruction. More mankind on the move. But. I’ve no more courage to continue watching.  

To me, its nobody’s gain – its only loss – its loss of lives. Its loss to humanity. Death of a Russian or Ukrainian – is the death of a human. All the resources on this planet can’t revive that person.  

Every time the feeble voices of negotiations have been subdued by roaring sounds of supersonics in the sky. Blazing and blasting cannons of Tanks have silenced the Peace Talks.

Each country, claiming and counterclaiming about the death toll of their opponent. Each country asserting the advances- its army has made – to annihilate the other. Each trumpet it – as it’s triumph.

I’m perplexed. How can death and destruction be a measure of success? How can harm to humanity be the hallmark of victory?

Have the indicators of success been distorted to such an extent?

How these norms have been changed? Who’s changed it?  And why?

The issue over here is not of Who is Right?

The underlining and pressing question here is What is Right?

What is right for humanity? What’s right for humankind? What’s right for both countries? What’s right for the world?

There’s just one word answer to all these questions – Peace.

Whatever the differences of both countries be – war is not justified – and war cannot resolve these.

This war must stop. All the stakeholders must sit together and resolve. Replace Tanks with Think-tanks.

I urge, all the involved parties to give Peace a Chance.

Peace must Persist.

53 have signed. Let’s get to 100!