!!!Skate Park In Yorkeys Knob!!!

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!!!Skate park in Yorkeys Knob!!!

1)      Reduce of unlawful behaviours: providing designated spaces for positive activities. A skate park is the best way to curb illicit behaviours among youth. It is proven that keeping kids and adolescents occupied will leave no time to get in trouble.

2)      Skate parks stop damage to private property: as a skater myself I know that we are always on the move looking for places to skate. I have skated in many places in Yorkeys Knob and have damaged bricks ledges and other skate able objects. Providing a safe environment for skating will not only save businesses thousands of dollars, it will also give a designated area for children to have fun enjoying heir hobby.

3)      Will benefit local businesses in the area: As many Businesses have shown their support for the park. many people will be happy to return the favour and show their support for the businesses and invest in the local products and services.

4)      Community pride: As the community has come together to show their support, the skate park will give an area for the community to connect and socialise. Even if the skate park is not constructed, I believe the community will have a higher respect for each other as in this time we have all worked together to progress this project.

5)      Prevent obesity: As obesity is a large problem in Australia, a skate park will support outdoor activities and improve the health of children and adolescents.

6)      Improve general mental health in the area: providing a positive area for social activities will improve the mental health in Cairns as it will encourage an area for people to connect with their community and enjoy outdoor activities giving children a sense of belonging.

7)      Give children a place to grow: providing a designated environment for athletic youth will not only improve mental health, but it will provide an area for children to learn more skills and endorse in inclusive activities with their community.

8)      Get the children involved: getting the community involved in the designing prosses will not only make the children feel like the park is theirs. But it will also reduce vandalism. As youth are less likely to damage something that they have contributed.