Remove "Child-free by choice"

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I do not want people to leave this or procastinate. This group need to be removed of Facebook, as the members and owners of the online discussion group are judging and discriminating disabled people. They described Autistic people or "your children" as "arse holes". Clearly these neurotypical people need to be aware, need to care! Need to THINK about what they are doing and saying before going with their impulsive ideas. They should TREAT each and everyone equally. No we are NOT arse holes. We are human beings. We learn and think differently. Everybody deserves a life and everyone should be at least more aware, need to be more kind. This group and their posts are offensive and disgraceful.

Sign this petition too please if you agree this group should be took down: 

 This one is brilliant too, that I have just made:


Someone responded to my petition via YouTube video.
Stupid video, he has no children and he's clearly neurotypical as he is judging kids that have wild behaviour.. Personally he goes on and I could go on about a whole lot of things he doesn't know that would back our point up but I just am not going to go there:



I am on the Autistic Spectrum and I also have ADHD and I have lived with my brother until he was fourteen who has/had challenging behaviour he has Autism too! He is now nineteen. I LOVE my brother to bits! These people clearly don't know what it feels like to be in a world where almost everyone judges you and you find almost anything hard work. I don't mean to lash out sometimes, I get sensory overload a lot and react. PEOPLE DO NOT UNDERSTAND, PEOPLE SHOULD WANT TO CARE.



Naomi Womack 

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