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Stop The Stripping Of NHS Assets As Set Out In The Naylor Review!

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Above link: Short video explaining what is being done to our NHS. An eye opener!

The Tories are backing a plan called the Naylor Report/Review to maximise our NHS. Sounds like a great idea UNTIL...when you actually read it through it turns out to be a handbook on asset striping the NHS.

•What does this mean? Hospitals will be left in a situation that if they need new equipment such as MRI scanners etc then they will have to sell some of the hospitals assests to do it. This is to 'incentivise' them to sell up.

•But arent they government putting £12million into the NHS? Yes they are but when you realise it will be used in a "2 for 1" deal, meaning for each £1 the hospitals raise on asset striping the government will top it up by £2, it becomes clear that the government will be using this £12million of tax payers money to help sell off NHS assests. In short this money will not be doing anything to support our NHS.

Worldwide our NHS was held up as an ideal model in healthcare. We prided ourselves on it. Generations have been proud of this wonderfull organization. It delivers us great respect from other countries.

The NHS has saved my life on several occasions. I am someone who has several chronic health conditions, a genetic condition and am now disabled. I started out life in perfect health with no idea of what would hit me in my 20's but the NHS got me through. They saved my eyesight, my hearing, reversed damage from 6 different attacks of non viral meningitis and have given me continied care for a Chronic pain conditon. We all need the NHS. Now we have to fight for it. The Naylor Report is the first step in its destruction!!!

Private health care is NOT the way to go. I do not want my children or grandchildren to have to face debt because of an emergency operation or poor health.

I STRONGLY urge the decision makers to look for alternatives to this catastrophic plan. If the many huge corporations in the UK were properly taxed we wouldnt have to cut frontline funding at all. And seeing as we have one of the lowest corporation tax rates in the world its unlikely that we will lose those corporations to other countries as it would not benefit them to do so!

Please do NOT implement the Naylor Report or sell anymore assets to the NHS property company who already now has 10%.

Find another way!!!

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