Stop the new directive that means 5 years olds receive sex education

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As a parent it is my right to choose the information my child receives. To be confronted with the idea my 5 year old will be taught some form of sex education utterly horrifies me. There is no way on this earth I will allow her to be privy to an insight into life beyond her years. The idea she will be taught about Penises and Vaginas and the such is abhorrent. When we show these children that they are different from each other they will want to explore. Essentially what we are doing is normalising a sexual attitude towards children that are no older than 5. Why does she need to know a boy has a penis? She doesn’t have one and nor while I’m still living and breathing will she be coming into contact with one until she is emotionally ready and it is necessary for her to be aware of their existence. All this dressed up guff about online profiles and the necessity for children to be prepared. LET THEM BE CHILDREN. I will not in any shape or form have her innocence taken away from her at such an age. The idea of this is wholly unacceptable and frankly makes me wonder why we are normalising this anyway? Are we to lower the age of consent to this age? Are we suggesting it’s ok for them to see/show or even god forbid explore these things with other people at this tender age? In a time where we have so much coming out in the media (and probably lots that remain hidden) about paedophilia, why are we not just teaching our babies to JUST SAY NO. Anything that your swimsuit covers is a no go for anyone else to touch/see/talk about. Leave it at that. We are sexualising children too young. The cause of teenage pregnancy is not that the children are ill informed. It’s that they are too informed. Turn on the TV sex is rammed down your throat. Turn on the radio they sing about abhorrent things. Go to the newsagent see it on the front page. Children emulate what they see and to give this information to them now is an absolutely shocking state of affair!

I implore you as our Primeminister to bring this urgent matter to the fore in Parliament. The directive that states we are to introduce this to tender age children was brought about in 2017. I think it should be much debated, and as such retracted from the compulsory curriculum. There are things as parents we should teach, and this is one of them. I send her to school to be educated in a way I can’t provide. To socialise and learn key skills necessary for life and exams. Leave the sex and relationship education until the children mature. What was wrong with learning it in year 7 when puberty drove the need for the education?!

I’d also like you to note that, yes, it’s compulsory. My child’s school have chosen to show these videos to our children 3 days before they break up for the summer holidays. It is almost as though they are aware uncomfortable questions will be considered and asked by these children after seeing the video, and we as parents are left to answer them. Talk about handing over an extremely hot potato....

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