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Make it mandatory for all mental health treatment to be ended gradually

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I know many people including myself and others in my family who suffer from mental health. I know a lot of cases, if not all where individuals have their treatment (- such as courses, groups, one to one appointments etc), and when their treatment has run its course their help is cut off. In an ideal world I would love for every individual person to have a professional help by their side so we have someone there when we have to go through hard times, but unfortunately we all know that can't happen. What can happen however, is for our professional help to finish gradually. Therefore the patient does not suddenly have deal with life by themselves straight away, we can get used to life on our own and have someone there If need be (not just a family member). I think this could benefit individuals all over the country and an example of such help would be someone having to come to terms with the demands of battling mental health issues and getting back into work. We have the job centre to help find us jobs, if we are able to support people further then unemployment rates would go down and who knows, we could save lives. I want to at least help people have a little more confidence in knowing that they’ll be ok and not dread the future as much as they might have.

I am in touch with my local mental health groups for support on this subject to hopefully have an outcome. (I am aware extra funding will be needed, I am happy to be someone who works towards that).


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