End Live Export of Animals in the UK - Our Government must listen!

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Every year, tens of thousands of animals are exported from the UK - doomed to arduous journeys that often see animals shipped for 20+ hours to their destinations, where animal protections laws are commonly much less strict than in the UK, and far more barbaric. 

These animals are exported for slaughter and fattening, often travelling in severely cramped trucks, sometimes with failed water tanks and incredibly poor ventilation systems. Many of these animals will die during their dreadful journey.

I hope one day that we as society can consider these beautiful, sentient animals as they rightfully deserve and to move towards a plant based future - However, I believe this begins with basic improvement of animal welfare in our current societal climate. Let's call on the government to act now - and end live export.

Just some of the horrific consequences of live export:

Overcrowding – These sentient animals are squeezed into vehicles. Large number of these animals are brutally injured and die due to this.

Exhaustion – Due to the inhumanely long journeys, these poor animals suffer acute stress, dealing with the extremes of temperature often without enough food, water or sleep. Many die as a result- this is torture.

Pain  – These beautiful animals feel pain and stress just like we do. Their bodies simply cannot ensure the journeys, and very often experience disease due to their lowered immune systems.

And once they reach their journey - if they survive - they are set to experience barbarically low welfare standards, slaughtered in disgusting conditions. 

I am calling on the public to stand up for this basic level of welfare. I call on our government to stand up for our animals, stand up to EU/International regulations - LISTEN to the will of the people, and END LIVE EXPORT FROM THE UK.