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Councils not to treat deceased pets like trash

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On Monday 10th July my cat, Elmo, went missing. On the Tuesday I was told that a grey and white cat had been seen dead on the by-pass near my house on the Monday morning. I called Dorset Waste Partnership and also emailed in.

On Thursday 13th July, the supervisor from Christchurch depot called me to say that two cats had been collected from that by-pass on Monday 10th July. He said that one was black and white and the other was grey and white and therefore matched Elmo’s description. His attitude was awful, he just wanted me off of the phone. He couldn’t tell me if the cat had been scanned for a chip. He said that it would have been taken to a freezer and that if it had been scanned and no chip picked up then it would have probably been disposed of already.

When I asked if i could see the grey and white cat to see if it was Elmo, he said wasn’t possible as the freezer was ‘in the middle of the sticks’ and wasn’t manned and there was no phone line there. I told him that I needed to know if it was Elmo and if it was then I would be bringing him back home. He said he would try to get someone to get out to the freezer and have a look to see if they could identify him and would try to get back to me by the end of the day.

Just a few minutes later he called me to say that it wasn’t a grey and white cat at all, it was a silver and black badger.

I lodged a complaint online over the weekend as this seemed really off to me.

On Monday 17th July, the boss covering both Christchurch and Ferndown depot rang me and said that they had just one cat in the freezer at Ferndown depot (The supervisor at Christchurch had lied about where the freezer was as Ferndown depot is manned and has phone lines and this is where all the deceased animals are meant to come)

I went to see the Ferndown depot and he rang the Christchurch supervisor on loudspeaker, Tim lied about everything. He denied telling me the cats had been collected, two cats that had been collected oddly turned into one badger that hadn’t been collected at the time of his call on Thursday. He denied telling me that the freezer was in the middle of the sticks and was unmanned with no phone line. We asked to see the badger and were told that wasn’t possible as it had been thrown onto he landfill - surely that is a health risk?!

I requested it be looked into and all I got was fobbed off and sent an editable spreadsheet that had a load of blank spaces and no mention of a grey and white cat at all.

Something doesn’t add up and it seems like pets could be getting disposed of instead of returned to their family. Also Ferndown having just one cat in their freezer since they were last emptied about a year ago seems an unrealistically low figure.

 There need to be, by law, better procedures in place for dealing with deceased pets that have been collected. There need to be logs that are made public and each and every one needs to be scanned and if no chip is found then a description sent out so that their family can bring them home.

I may not be able to get Elmo's body back or get closure for my little girl but I can try my hardest to make sure that this stops happening!


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