Make a change to the veterans support sector that will see veterans supported when needed!

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We have veterans that are homeless, veterans that are job less, veterans suffering with mental health difficulties in Prisons and veterans taking their lives seemingly daily because of the lack of support shown by their government and countries who have been protected by the sacrifices that those who’ve served were willing to make. 

Veterans deserve better than relying on charities and waiting for NHS medical and wellbeing support. Veterans who can’t see a way out other than to take their own lives should receive immediate support and treatment.

Veterans need a change to the system as donations made to charities are not making it to the veterans who need it! Three of the top charities in the UK give 71%, 57.4% and 60% of the monies donated to their charities, to deliver support to veterans! this doesn't mean the veterans receive this value of support! It is absolutely scandalous! Charitable donations are being used to pay big wages and administrative structures and not supporting those who it’s been gifted and donated for.

We need a change! Support veterans directly via Investors in Veterans and ExFor+ C.I.C. to aid in the development of a National Veterans Support Service delivered by ExFor+ C.I.C. who want to give service leavers and veterans jobs, education, future purpose and above all support to achieve their goals ambitions and the futures that they are able to work towards. 

Help us make a change, because we wouldn’t be able to ask you to make a change if it wasn’t for those who’ve served you to protect your rights and freedoms! 


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