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Stop sneaking animal products in our V8 and soup

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I have cans and bottles of Campbell's products in my house, but never realized there could be animal ingredients in things that should be made from plants like tomato soup and V8 vegetable juice. Imagine my confusion when I was scrolling through Facebook on my phone and came across a blog that said Campbell's Tomato soup and V8 may contain animal ingredients! I want Campbell to only use vegetable sources of "natural flavors."

I checked out Twitter, too, and sure enough, Campbell tweeted that their "natural flavoring" may include "meat/seafood/poultry/dairy."

So the next logical question was what about Campbell's V8? I mean, the V stands for "vegetable," right? And their mission statement is "To help more people get the number of vegetable servings they need every day." And there are vegetables all over the packaging. And it says "100% vegetable juice."

But guess what, they confirmed on Twitter that when you're drinking V8, you're not drinking just vegetables -- because the "natural flavors" come from the same mysterious sources. So they may want to adjust their mission statement because I bet a lot of people are getting more servings of animal products than they want every day. I have jugs of the low sodium variety in my house at this very moment, and it's really disturbing that Campbell is so misleading with what's in their products.

Who knows what exactly is in these "natural" flavors when companies don't have to tell you? I think it's deceptive to market a product around vegetables and health and then sneak animal ingredients into it that may not even be vegetarian. That's weird. That's unethical. That's a little bit gross, even.

A few years ago I remember hearing about how Starbucks was using an ingredient made from crushed insects and that a petition on got them to change the formula. I decided to start my own petition this time because Campbell refused to tell me what specifically is in these "natural flavors" when I called them on the phone, and I don't think I can trust them until they make a change.

Progresso clearly marks many things that are vegetarian -- even products with 'natural flavors' so it should be easy for Campbell to make this switch. Amy's also has proven you don't need these mysterious ingredients at all.

Why add meat products to vegetable juice and soup when doing so makes you lose customers like me? It's so simple. I agree with the blogger who helped expose this that it's more of a lack of transparency and broken trust (100% vegetable juice that sneaks in hidden animal products?) than trying to maintain purity with our diets. But I know a company as huge as Campbell can and should do better for its consumers.

Please tell Campbell to switch to only using vegetable-based natural ingredients. You don't have to be a vegetarian or vegan to know that it's pretty gross to add meat products into V8 vegetable juice or tomato soup.

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