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The World vs. ACTA

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This petition is to voice strong, wholehearted opposition to and grave concern of ACTA, the Anti-Counterfeit Trade Agreement. Based on what I know and what I come to understand and realize, ACTA is extremely dangerous in that it will create intolerant governments in many more countries, because this law will likely be used and enforced abusively and corruptly. While I agree that trafficking of counterfeit drugs, money and pirated media needs to be restricted or even stopped, I don't believe ACTA will get the job done for several reasons...

The Internet is extremely critical to a global economic success. Any attempt to curtailing piracy and counterfeit trafficking CANNOT and SHOULD NOT infringe freedom of speech, expression, information, religion, enterprise, press and petition and MUST NOT and CANNOT intrude nor violate personal privacy. The fact that governments such as in the United States would increase power and control over the Internet is DANGEROUS and COUNTER-PRODUCTIVE. This is because they could target any website they want and shut it down and prosecute those in charge of that website. Example: On January 12, authorities in the U.S. close down and seized its domain name after the site hosted pirated material. Police in New Zealand arrested Megaupload founder Kim Schmitz and three other executives on charges presented by Federal prosecutors in America. The problem here, was that the site -- from what I can recall -- was NEVER, EVER notified and thus, was NEVER given a chance to delete the material to avoid criminal prosecution or even notify the website to take down material -- these actions are in accordance with the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA), a law in the United States aimed at combating online piracy without infringing free speech and without infringing personal privacy. The seizure of Megaupload did both of these things. That's one of my main concerns. As far as I know, ACTA as currently drafted -- again as far as I know -- lacks the technical, legal nor fundamental capacities to combats online piracy and the online trafficking of counterfeit goods without (1) shutting down websites and seizing their domain names; (2) restricting access which of course interferes with the fundamental and legal freedoms of speech, expression, enterprise, religion, information, press and petition; (3) increasing surveillance that of course intrudes and violates personal privacy; and (4) confusing or mistaking counterfeit goods with legitimate goods. This alone is dangerous because law-abiding citizens could end up with the wrong material unintentionally and not know it, this to some degree can also become a unintended healthy and safety hazard. Also worth pointing out that by, restricting Internet access, you create a never-ending hotbed of global censorship, much similar to China, Iran, Syria, Egypt and Libya. Yes, one of the few things leaders and citizens are fighting against would now be legalized under ACTA!!! We CANNOT, SHOULD NOT and MUST NOT allow censorship of any kind whatsoever if are to have and diplomacy and democracy in the World.

Free speech is one of the most important values in the world, and one of the most critical components of any diplomatic and democratic process. With ACTA, gone would be democracy, diplomacy and free enterprise. With ACTA, in, are increased corporate and political greed and corruption, more intolerant governments, more military conflicts even between friendly and allied nations, worldwide epidemics and pandemics of poverty, disease, illness, hunger, thirst, starvation and death and a world of people against God -- for no one would be able to practice religion and worship God under ACTA, this is really bad! Free speech helps assemble democratic and diplomatic processes to help combat all these things and to provide for the less fortunate. An intolerant government is the ultimate disservice to the fundamental and legal rights of the World and to God! Whether it's one God or multiple, ACTA is still a disservice to all of them and to everyone on this Earth.

Fair enterprise and trade are also key components in the innovation, development and future of the World. I question whether ACTA would be able to target counterfeit goods specifically good without also targeting legitimate goods. Drug companies CANNOT and SHOULD NOT be allowed to tell US what medications to take and what not to take. WE SHOULD be able to decide for ourselves based on a particular health condition and doctors' subsequent diagnosis. Generic drugs exist because they help to save law-abiding families all over the World millions of dollars ($USD) a year on prescription medications. Yeah, they're the same as national brands, so what! I see nothing wrong with that as long as they're safe and they help us save money! Just think about it, put yourself in our position, try to envision yourself trying to get medical help for you and someone you know, and you need medication, but you can't afford the national brands. Generic brands are just as legitimate and as effective as national brands, they're just cheaper and easier to afford. This is obviously a very SICK, very EVIL conspiracy by corporations and special interest groups to get richer while the rest of the World gets poorer... Is this something you want??? Oppression and repression does the World no justice whatsoever!!!

Fair plantation and crop growth, just to put food on the table!!! It does not get any more obvious than this!!! To discriminate between crops and seeds and restrict distribution will only increase poverty because less product means higher demand, and higher demand means limited affordability. Limited affordability means families go broke and starve, some even to death!!! The restriction and discrimination of seed distribution WILL also hurt farmers and business, thus is COUNTER-PRODUCTIVE and UNHEALTHY for any economy. The European Debt Crisis and the 2010 U.S. Census report of 50% all Americans being legally and officially poor SHOULD be, MUST be and HAS to be more than enough to oppose ACTA for economic reasons alone. Countries depend on free trade, with ACTA, that all disappears, and the economic and financial debts WILL UNQUESTIONABLY be far worse!!! ACTA would leave several countries bankrupt as a consequence!!!

Safety and security, ACTA would be responsible for COUNTLESS cybersecurity risks and hazards because hackers and cyberterrorists and other cybercriminals would intercept and launch attacks against government computer systems throughout many countries. Multiple reports indicated that Iran planned attacks against computer security systems and even nuclear power plants in the United States and U.S. airbases in Germany. (,,,,,,,,, I bring this up to illustrate security and national safety concerns with ACTA. So imagine, if ACTA becomes law, Iran and even Al-Qaida would launch marathons of attacks on computer security systems worldwide, thus leaving many countries especially in Europe and North America more vulnerable than ever to terrorists attacks from Al-Qaida and military strikes from countries such as Iran!!! This is because the law would interfere and tamper with the technical and fundamental dynamics and characteristics of the Internet, literally breaking it and corrupting it!!!

Hypocrisy, this IS your real problem. Going back to internet piracy, the Internet and its users are not to blame. The same companies demanding laws that restrict free speech and Internet access and criminalize websites and their users are the same companies that distributed the software to begin with. (,,,,, Corporations encourage people to do things and then prosecute and sue them, thus again making the corporations richer and the World poorer.

I sincerely hope you will protect fundamental and legal rights of citizens all throughout the World. We NEED to create a platform AGAINST intolerant governments and PROMOTE democracy, diplomacy and expand unfiltered, unrestricted and unregulated communication. This is very critical in order to achieve any from of diplomacy. We also NEED to create a platform that holds criminal corporations accountable.



Note to President Obama, Secretary of State Clinton, British PM Cameron, Canadian PM Harper, United Nations, ICOJ, U.S. Embassies, The U.S. House of Representatives and the U.S. Senate...

WE the citizens of the World, PLEAD with you to urge the European Parliament to oppose and reject ACTA, also known as the Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement. ACTA follows the same path as the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA), the PROTECT IP Act (PIPA) and the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) in the United States, but on a global level. WE CANNOT afford to have ACTA made into law for FUNDAMENTAL, CONSTITUTIONAL, ECONOMIC, DEMOCRATIC, DIPLOMATIC, INDUSTRIAL, LEGAL and HUMANITARIAN reasons. PLEASE stand with US and KILL ACTA!!! For the GOOD of the WORLD!!!

Thank you for your time and I sincerely hope you truly consider this and other anti-ACTA letters and petitions in a explicitly serious manner!!!

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