Get Disney to release the entire series of Bear in the Big Blue House

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Many people have loved the show "Bear in the Big Blue House" for years, with some hailing it as one of the best preschool shows of all time. It's soothing nature, as well as its quirkiness, humor, and heart, made it an enjoyable show for both kids and adults. Sadly, though, only a handful of episodes have been released on DVD. Some episodes were on VHS as well. There were a handful of episodes not released on home video that you could only see if you had a recorded VHS or international release. We need to show our support for a complete series release of this series on DVD and Digital. All 117 episodes need to be enjoyed by kids and families for generations to come. It could come on DVD, or Digital, or maybe even Disney+. Another community that this show is loved by is the autism community, which I myself am a part of. There's a lot of people with autism (including some I know, and myself, of course) that wish this show was more widely available to watch. Please sign to show your support for a complete series release.