Bring Back Blue Sky Studios

Bring Back Blue Sky Studios

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Jordan Zucker started this petition to The Walt Disney Company and

On February 2021, Disney has announced that Blue Sky Studios will be shutting down in April of 2021 due to "current economic realities".

This is an extremely sad day for Animation Lovers & especially fans of Blue Sky Studios. Blue Sky Studios may have not been the best of studios, and some of the movies may not have had the best of writing, but some of the movies are known to be well-received by their fans & have really splendid animation.

I have especially been quite huge fan of one of Blue Sky's franchises: Rio, which was responsible for sparking my love for not only the Rio Franchise itself, but for the franchise that crossovered with it: Rovio's Angry Birds.

You can see that just that franchise alone has had quite an influence on me.

And now... It seems that future things revolving on the Rio Franchise & other Blue Sky franchises & content that everyone else loves is reaching a very saddening & depressing end.

I really wish Blue Sky Studios would be able to continue on. People, especially Blue Sky Fans, like (love, in the case with Blue Sky fans) the franchises that have been made by Blue Sky, and the movies that the company made.

I especially would've love to see the Rio Franchise continue (whether it remains under Blue Sky under ownership of Disney or a New Company, or continues on in an animation division within Disney), because it was one of my favorite franchises along with Angry Birds, Sonic the Hedgehog, & so much more.

In fact, it was because of Angry Birds' crossovers with Rio, Sonic the Hedgehog, Star Wars, Transformers, Iron Maiden, & other franchises that I love all those franchises & more so very much!

Plus, Rio Fans, including me, have really wanted to see a 3rd Rio film; and there've been rumors that there would be a Rio TV Series and/or Nico & Pedro spinoff show on Disney+.

Most of all, a lot of Blue Sky Studios fans had been anticipating for the studios' formerly upcoming films, such as Nimona. But thanks to the news of Blue Sky's shutdown, Nimona (which had TEN MONTHS left needed to finish production & was about 75% completed) & other future films will never see the light of day.

As upsetting as it is to see that Disney is responsible for shutting down Blue Sky, focusing more on being angry & hateful at Disney than on paying respects & praise to Blue Sky Studios is NOT going to help anyone; not you, not me, & especially not the 450 people who worked at Blue Sky who'll all now need to find new jobs ASAP.

In fact, some say that there are other factors that could have led to Blue Sky's shutdown.

A.) Blue Sky being WAY TOO MUCH dependent on the Ice Age films & franchise, and not focusing on making more original films and/or new additions to existing franchises like Rio; causing people to lose trust in Blue Sky, be too fed up with Ice Age, and/or cause films like Ferdinand & Spies in Disguises to not gain praise & a lot of money from the Box Offices (causing money loss).

B.) The Pandemic.

C). People not giving Blue Sky enough credit for their achievements & innovations in their Animated Films when the Studios were still functoning; giving credit to other people, companies, & films instead.


In fact, some people say that all of these above issues have already been happening BEFORE Disney purchased 20th Century Fox back 2019; and they even say that even if Disney had not purchased 20th Century Fox, it could've been possible that 20th Century Fox could've done shut down Blue Sky anyway, most likely for the previous reasons said above.

But regardless... There's not much more I can do now... except to make this petition in hopes that perhaps one day, Blue Sky Studios will be able to continue on. If you want Blue Sky Studios to continue on, then please sign this petition. I know petitions don't usually much & they're not always successful, but I feel the least we could do is try.

Hopefully, we can persuade Disney to change its mind.

If not, then Disney, all I ask of you is to PLEASE at least keep the Rio Franchise alive, similar to what you plan to do with the Ice Age TV show & Spin-Off Film that you already have planned. Even if Blue Sky Studios may not be in charge of its franchises anymore, I really wish the Rio Franchise can be kept alive & can continue on under an existing animation division within Disney (or have Blue Sky under a new company).

It's because of the Rio Franchise that I got an immense love for not just that franchise, but for Angry Birds and all the other franchises that they (both Rio AND Angry Birds) crossovered with, like how Angry Birds crossovered with Sonic the Hedgehog, Star Wars, Transformers, Iron Maiden, & others.

Plus, it's because of the Rio franchise that we try to preserve the Blue Spix Macaws & other endangered / near-extinct animal species, just like how Disney's Circle of Life: An Environmental Fable at Epcot (until its unfortunate closure in 2018) had intended to teach us. So you can see I'd really love for the Rio Franchise to continue on (either under an animation division within Disney, or under Blue Sky owned by a new company) like a 3rd film, a TV show, spin-offs like the rumored Nico & Pedro Disney+ show, & more.

Until then...

#SaveBlueSkyStudios / #SaveBlueSky

#SaveRio / #PreserveRio

But most important of all, I wish the 450 Blue Sky people and all their families & friends the best of luck. I hope things will get better for all of you & the 450 Blue Sky people find new jobs. Best of luck & wishes.

For now... Rest In Peace, Blue Sky Studios...

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