Object to Seaspan Extension Project

Object to Seaspan Extension Project

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Darlene Hilden started this petition to Tim Blair (Planning Supervisor, Port Of Vancouver) and

The Shipyards will permanently change, and anyone living on the North Shore MUST BE AWARE AND SPEAK OUT to Seaspan’s application to expand its dry dock facilities in the proposed location.

The location directly impacts the vibrant community hub of LoLo including the Spirit Trail, the Burrard Pier, various restaurants, a playground and many other services, not to mention the marine life which inhabits the waters.

Can you image eating on a patio and listening to boats being power washed and seeing cranes towering above, blocking the city skyline and view? The noise, the dust, the air quality and the echo which already exists will be heighten, clearly affecting local businesses where patrons may choose not to visit and enjoy the outdoor space.

It seems that the proposed area Seaspan wishes to develop is the most cost effective and easiest operationally for them, which is why it is their preferred choice. Seaspan has not provided an alternative and has actually not shared much information at all. Their very tight window is also a concern which doesn't leave much time for discussion and informing the neighbourhood of this major change.

If Seaspan had asked the neighbouring community for input prior to their application, an obvious choice for an eastern location would have been indicated.

Although the proposal states that the loudest noise from high pressure washing usually occurs between 7 am and 6 pm which is not true. For example, on Monday, July 12th the power washing continued to 10 pm and many other times even to midnight.
There have also been extended periods when Seaspan has operated an overnight shift where intermittent bells, horns beeping, and metal clanging noises and bright lights prevent anyone from enjoying the park, playground or Pier leaving a lot of residents forced to keep their windows closed and to sit inside.

It is not realistic to expect that moving the current careen out an additional 40 meters will decrease noise when potentially there could be five vessels being serviced at one time instead of the current two or three, in closer proximity to residential buildings.

There may be a false assumption that local residents are not unhappy about the noise, based on only a few complaints noted in the proposal package; that is because residents made an informed decision about purchasing next to an operating dry dock. To complain after making an informed choice is like buying next to a railway line and then expecting there will be no train activity.
But now the situation is changing which would be the equivalent of having a train going through your front yard!

For anyone who lives in close proximity, the concern regarding air quality is based on the ongoing need to clean fine particulates off patio furniture on almost a daily basis. The report indicates that VDC is working with Metro Vancouver to develop a permit for air emissions associated with the existing operations.
A meeting was held at the Pinnacle Hotel organized by Seaspan on April 24th, 2018 regarding Seaspan’s application for an air quality permit from Metro Vancouver.
---> Was a permit ever granted, or is Seaspan now requesting a new permit to increase air emission maximums?
---> Why would anyone agree to increased operations and increased air emissions directly when the permitted levels are not even stated?

The report states that five vessels could be serviced at a time and that UHP activities could occur 104 days per year. This is a health concern not only for residents, but for everyone visiting the Shipyards. The playground is directly in front of the proposed expansion used by local daycares and is a popular destination for children in the area.

The Vancouver Fraser Port Authority MUST REJECT this proposal, and request that Seaspan present a new proposal focused on developing to the east of the present operations.

Seaspan needs to be more collaborative and encourage support from local communities so that people come before profits.

YOUR SUPPORT IS APPRECIATED - Please write in an objection to the expansion by contacting THE VANCOUVER FRASER PORT AUTHORITY 

0 have signed. Let’s get to 2,500!
At 2,500 signatures, this petition is more likely to get picked up by local news!