Prevent the University of Queensland from silencing Drew Pavlou for fighting for justice.

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Drew Pavlou has been a very vocal, controversial, and influential student politician at the University of Queensland. Since staging a humanitarian protest against the corruption of the university administration and their complicity with the CCP and being physically attacked for doing so, Drew has doggedly kept up the fight, inspiring and encouraging others to stand up to injustice at UQ and in the broader global community. From recently organizing 250 free supply packages to those students in need during this crisis, to advocating for global justice and speaking at numerous events around the world for the oppressed everywhere, to exposing the suspect and revolting connections between the University high brass and the Chinese communist party, Drew deserves our support. Drew is the only university senate member and student politician at our institution with the courage to stand up to the status quo and has done more than anyone else at the university to fight for justice and positive change and against complicity and corporate apathy to evil.

Because of his controversial means of engaging the community over the internet and his outspoken criticisms of the vanity and complicity with CCP evil of the Vice Chancellor of the university, Drew is now being persecuted by the Kafkaesque machine of university oppression, so ironically similar to the Chinese Communist Party with whom they share such a deep connection. The university will attempt to expel Drew on the 27th of April for a series of offences, some of which are so trivial that they lay bare the true motives of the action: to silence his voice and the voices of those he represents. Time is running out to save this champion of student and human rights. If the university succeeds in silencing this voice of moral righteousness and thorn in the side of the corrupt officials, then the future is hopeless. 

Sign this petition to give a voice to the students of UQ and save a man who, for all his faults, has built a loyal following of supporters and stood steadfast against violence, death threats, and repeated attacks by the university administration. If you want more information on Drew Pavlou simply google his name and you will see the kind of man that he is and the strength of his character. If Drew is silenced by our university, then what message does that send to institutions of all shapes and sizes worldwide? What precedent does it set to allow UQ to silence a contrary voice in Australia? Even if you are from a far distant land, there is no doubt that this injustice is the same as many that are relevant to you, and solidarity must not stop at borders for justice is a universal ideal. In the words of Che, 'If you tremble with indignation at every injustice then you are a comrade of mine"

Stand with Drew, and With the students of UQ, and with the oppressed of all the world against unjust arbitrary political persecution of a voice of undying resistance to an evil status quo, an attack on one voice of justice is an attack on justice itself.

Sign this petition to force the University to drop charges against Drew immediately.