The University of Alberta shouldn't charge full tuition for online classes!

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The University of Alberta has decided to switch most of it's classes to online classes for the fall semester, but continue charging the same tuition. With online classes, most of the learning is done independently by students teaching themselves at home, so the quality of education is far less than in-person classes. Students won't have access to many of the facilities at school, and help is far less readily available. Under these circumstances, why should we still pay full price?

With all the classes moved online, we should pay lower tuition and less non-instructional fees. The school is able to reduce costs in power and upkeep, as the campus will be empty and many auxiliary services are no longer available. Furthermore, class sizes can be increased, as the university was already planning, since the online classes often have very little interaction between students and professors. 

Many students have lost their jobs and financial support due to COVID-19 and can't afford to pay full prices for university. Lowering tuition and increasing class sizes would allow them to continue their education. This allows the university to bring in the same amount of money by having more students enrolled with less tuition per student, which would benefit both the university and the students.

Sign this petition if you believe the fall tuition should be lowered to reflect the lower quality of learning we will receive due to COVID-19.