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Prevent micro-plastics going down your drain & into our oceans

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Micro-plastics are being washed down our domestic drains every day and ending up in our oceans and being consumed by marine life and into the food chain. This is easily preventable for two of the major contributors to this problem. Cosmetics, shower gels and facial scrubs are more commonly using minute plastic beads as exfoliators in their products. Every time these are used, they are then washed down the drain and end up in our oceans. Ban the use of micro-plastics in these products. Coles and Woolworths in Australia have pledged to remove products containing micro-plastics. Lets put pressure on other retailers globally to do the same.

The 2nd is synthetic clothing, like fleeces, or polyester clothing. Each time they are washed, small fragments of micro-fibres break off and are rinsed down our drains as the washing machine rinses your clothes. The fix is so simple. If every washing machine outlet was fitted with a filter that could be changed, it would prevent these micro-plastics ending up in our oceans and consumed by marine life.

This is a massive problem that gets very little attention and both are easily fixable. Hold the corporations that make these cosmetic and personal cleaning products accountable. Make them change their products so not to include micro-plastics and use something bio-degradable.

Lets apply pressure to retailers to stop distributing these harmful products and companies to stop there manufacture. Lets also apply pressure to our governments to regulate the use of micro filters in the outlets of our washing machines.

The solution is easy, it just takes awareness and a lot of voices to make enough noise. Will you help make change?


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