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Those of us who are unemployed have been diligently seeking work since being "downsized" so our employers could fatten their profits. Both the Republicans and Democrats have bestowed hundreds of billions on the people who caused the American and world economies to almost collapse. Rather than facing criminal prosecution, the individuals responsible for the current debacle are now receiving multi million dollar bonuses thanks to government bailouts.

We, the unemployed wage slaves, would gladly enroll in meaningful job training in order to fit in a changing economy. We know that even with such job training we are destined to live paycheck to paycheck under uncaring supervisors in bean counting corporations in order to give our children some slim hope of escaping the urban and suburban ghettoes where we live.

We need a Tier V right now, but would prefer to have the dignity of being productive workers. Thus far there has been no attempt to create meaningful job training programs for our "evolving economy," so denying us continued unemployment benefits borders on the criminal. Unlike the Wall Street rich that you bestowed hundreds of billions on, we the peons of Main Street would spend whatever money we get in the economy, because we have no choice.

Letter to
U.S. House of Representatives
U.S. Senate
President of the United States
We Americans who are unemployed or partially employed want to once again be productive workers. We ask for continued unemployment benefits pending meaningful job training and placement services. We realize that even with such training we will probably always be serfs and that the "American Dream" will just be just a fantasy. But, we want to have hope for our children, no matter how slim it is with your war, prison and pollution policies.

We just ask to have the dignity of being productive citizens, rather than being on the dole. Is this too much to ask from our slavemasters?


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