Kids Against Plastic call for the Government to eliminate avoidable plastic waste by 2025

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Kids Against Plastic is now calling on 1 million British kids/teens to stop using the BIG 4 plastic polluters: plastic straws, plastic bottles, plastic bags and plastic cups/lids AND to sign a petition to bring the UK Government’s pledge to eliminate all avoidable plastic waste in the UK forward from 2042 to 2025. 

In January 2018, Theresa May pledged to eliminate all avoidable plastic waste from the UK by 2042. This was announced during the launch of the Government's environmental plan for the next 25 years. However by the time the Government's environmental plan will have finally kicked in, the current rates of plastic waste disposal and pollution will have spiralled out of control and it will be too late for our generation to fix it. 

Kids Against Plastic is a national alliance of children campaigning against avoidable plastic waste. We would like the UK to become a world leader in ensuring that the planet we inhabit is a cleaner and more environmentally friendly one for our generation and future generations to come. 

For more information about Kids Against Plastic, some of the kids behind this organisation, avoidable plastic waste, and environmentally friendly alternatives to using plastics, please visit our websites: and .

Please note that you can only sign this petition if you are aged between 6-17 years old, live and reside in the UK, are mature enough to understand the issues around avoidable plastic waste and the aims of this petition, and have permission from a legal guardian/parent to sign this petition.