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The U.S. Senate, House of Representatives, and Congress: Amend the Animal Welfare Act to protect Pets from Police Departments

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It seems as though almost every week we are hearing another tragic story of a family pet being shot by police officers. Many of these animals are not even showing aggression or could by easily contained by their owners given the chance. Something must be done to protect our pets from unjustified slaughter. The police are supposed to be protecting us citizens, not killing our loved ones.

It is inexcusable to use lethal force against a citizen's pet. A pet, to many people, is a member of the family and for some to be shot by while on its own property is a violation of the trust citizens are supposed to have in our police department and federal goverment.

You might think this only happens to criminals dogs, however the majority of the time these are law biding citizens who have done no wrong. Several different occurances of mistaken addresses of criminals have causes family pets playing in their own back yard to be shot and killed!

There are several other methods of non/less lethal procedures of dealing with aggressive animals such as pepper spray, tasers and stun batons. Along with proper training on identifying when to use such forces that our police departments are clearly in the need of. Growling and barking does not always mean an animal is going to bite. Police Officers a shooting dogs far more often than dogs are biting police officers.

A simple web search for "Police Kill Dog" and you will receive 103,000,000 results. Search for "Dog Kills Police Officer" and you will show 2 results. Yes 2 results, neither of which are an actual occurrence of a dog killing a police officer. The latest occurrence is of the Southern California unloading on a Rottweiler while the owner watched in horror. This is just the most recent example in hundreds of thousands of cases which a dog was shot by police.

It is the duty of the Senate, House, and Congress to oversee government agencies. The Animal Welfare Act currently protects pets from animal care givers, dealers and dog fighters but has no protection for animals against police who decide to end the animals life for sometimes as little reason as it being off the leash or in it's own back yard.


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