Georgina Ontario - Rebuild the Pefferlaw Dam

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THE CAUSE: Signing this petition will help members of the community of Pefferlaw convince the Lake Simcoe Region
Conservation Authority and the Town of Georgina to rehabilitate the dam on the Pefferlaw River.
A dam has existed on the Pefferlaw River since the 1820s and has created a natural habitat for wildlife
for almost 200 years. In December 2019 the Lake Simcoe Region Conservation Authority, who have
operated and managed the dam since 1982, paid for an engineering firm's preliminary assessment of
the dam and based on the report, decided not to put the stop logs in the dam citing it was unsafe to do
Hence, the Pefferlaw River was allowed to drain and this has had a devastating impact on the ecosystem
and the aquatic creatures and wildlife who have depended upon this waterway for two centuries.
The Lake Simcoe Region Conservation Authority paid for the same engineering firm to conduct an in
depth analysis of the dam structure and in July of 2020, the resulting report determined that it will cost
between $500,000 and $610,000 to rehabilitate it and give the dam a life span of another 75 years.
The Pefferlaw dam has cultural, historical, environmental, economic and recreational significance to the
town and needs to be rehabilitated. Please show your support by signing this petition.

All public reports can be found on the LSRCA website