Georgina Ontario - Rebuild the Pefferlaw Dam

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The Dam that provides water to flow slow, and give abundance to the river south of the dam has been deemed unstable and needs to be replaced. It was built in 1880. 

The Lake Simcoe Conservation Authority has deemed it a hazard and will no longer slow the water flow - which means the voluptuous river will become a creek. The riverbed will likely be overcome with greenery and the water level very low. 

There are no plans in place to rebuild/ fix the dam as of April 23, 2020. The report by D.M. Wills Associates Limited to the LSRCA has estimated it will cost upwards above $233,000 to fix it properly. 

Many of us in the community - and nearby communities are in shock at the lack of planning to rebuild and are extremely effected by this. 

Please join us and sign - share this petition in hopes the town and conservation can fix this. It is not only our community effected. Below is a list of how this will impact some lives. 

The community of Pefferlaw is well known for the river. Houses that are considered "waterfront" properties will no longer be legally considered that as waterfront properties are not creeks. Value of these homes will drastically deplete and many river lying homes will feel the impact of their investments. Not to mention the raised property taxes river front homes pay to the town from being considered waterfront. 

Quality of life will be minimized for river loving individuals in the communities. 

This dam ensures the eco systems up river maintain their habitat and that those down stream are not flooded out of existence either. This dam is significant and must be maintained. Beyond our personal use for canoeing and kayaking, it’s the life line to hundreds of species that have made the river home for over 100 years!

There is no mention on how this lowered waterbed will effect the towns well waters systems - as the whole area runs off well water. 

There is also no mention on how this will effect fish habitat or fish passages especially for smaller fish to be safe. 

Other communities effected by this -

Fundraiser by the Lions Club in Udora that has been running for 35 years and has raised over $80K can no longer canoe and raise money to help local needs to hospitals, local economic charities and more. 

Childrens camp Riverbend north of Uxbridge will not have fishing and water learning activities due to the low flow of the river. 

All the homes backing onto the river will experience a different quality of life. Not just our community- but Udora to Uxbridge as well. 



Dam inspection report