The U.S. Government to repeal the 25 year import law on Automobiles.

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By signing this petition you are showing Congress how many people oppose the 25 Year Import Law for Automobiles. An Action that should be accomplished with this petition is Congress reviewing and repealing this absurd law, so that enthusiasts and everyday people could have a larger pool of cars to pick from when purchasing. Did I also mention this would reduce the price of cars in the United States because there would be a larger variety. 

The 25 year Import Law states that cars made outside of the U.S. in the last 25 years cannot be imported because they do not meet emissions and crash test standards. This sounds like it is a reasonable law with good intentions, however it is quite the contrary. The Law was really passed to protect U.S. car dealers and sales from competition overseas. For Example, If we were allowed to a buy new car from japan and import it for much cheaper it would negatively affect the amount of sales of domestic brands like Chevy and Ford.

The real intentions of the law also become clear when you realize a 2018 imported Toyota Prius with 121 horsepower is banned for not meeting safety and emissions standards, while a 1992 Nissan Skyline R32 with 313 horsepower is acceptable to import.