TDCJ Must be held Accountable!!! Staff Ordering Feces and Urine be Thrown at Inmates.

TDCJ Must be held Accountable!!! Staff Ordering Feces and Urine be Thrown at Inmates.

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Julie W. started this petition to Department of Justice and Needs Help #civilrights #prisonmomma #mysonneedshelp

My son, Bryce W. is serving jail time in the TDCJ system.  He has suffered brutality by the staff and by the staff turning a blind eye when an altercation between inmates occurs. My son has been to the emergency room twice in April of 2020. 


1.  On April 1, he was sent to the Baylor ER for chest pains and told by the ER doctors that they are going to treat him for inflammation of the heart. This usually occurs when a virus or bacterial infection has been ignored. He asked to go to medical almost two months prior but that request was ignored.

Since this began - he received an X-ray of his chest and several EKG’s, and he is better. Thank you supporters!   He still needs follow up care to face and head injuries! 

2.On April 2, he had to repeatedly ask for his medication from the Correctional Officer over and over and he was not given his medicine or allowed to get it. 

3. He flooded his cell to get someone’s attention in order to get his medication. Instead, he was called names (bigotry names) some of the names and words used are on the Video. He was assaulted by two CO’s and told that no one cares and his head was slammed into the water by another officer. They are both Sgt A’s with different last names.  He finally receive his medication and was escorted to medical & the medical staff were outraged at the incident.  (My son’s case was not investigated by an independent agency and lost his case!) The reason Cited - he was the aggressor. He was just released from the hospital!! 
A few days Later, he was mocked by the “Duty Warden” who told him, “You are just asking to be a G5!” No, he was asking for his medication. He’s 23 and was worried about his diagnosis. 

4. He was sent to the Methodist ER at the end of April with brain trauma and fractures in the nasal cavity. He said in his last letter he should have received stitches in two places but was taken back to the prison after the CT scans. He has not received follow up care by a neurologist for his Brain Injury or an ENT doctor for his nasal injuries! 

He was in an altercation with another inmate because he told him to stop “Masturbating” while a female nurse was present. My son was sitting two feet away from the Masturbator!
5. The Masturbator assaulted him and the correction staff waited before stopping it and my son was sent to the ER. He now has a Brain Injury and fractured nasal bones! 

6. On December 21, 2019, my son was physically assaulted before our visitation by a correctional staff member(s). He could barely breathe by the time we had our visit and his eyes were puffy and he kept holding his sides. He had forgotten his visitation slip. He was excited to see his older brother on his birthday and did refuse to get it. I began to cry and yell for someone to get him because it’s his brothers birthday and he had a visit. I was told he is not coming to our visit.  When he finally made it I noticed why he didn’t want to come. He had been assaulted. His body was slammed and he was tossed around.
He did try report this but the grievance form was lost and he did not want to push it because inmates who report incidences will forever have a target on their back. He was Body Slammed and assaulted. 

7. He was gassed by a chemical agent in the beginning of February of 2020 and had five witness statements to defend his case. He has been in segregation, reclassified, and locked up with other G4 offenders ever since, guarded by correctional staff who enjoy physically attacking the inmates and no one listens. Now ALL phone calls from him are on Speakerphone in someone’s office!! 

The same officers who assaulted him the day after he came back from the ER with chest pains are the ones guarding him!!
****Good News. His Assailants are no longer in K building where He is Housed. Shows that TDCJ knows they were wrong. Instead of arresting and charging the animals, they just move them!! 

8. When he filed a case in February, he was reclassified from a G2 to a G4 just for saying the  guard better never come around him again. He said this while I was at visitation with him and heard him say that to the captain with explicatives and again at his hearing. He never touched the guard but made the statement that the man with whom gassed him with a chemical agent better not guard him anymore and I would feel the same way. I’m sure his language was not the best - he’s been in jail or prison since 2017 and in and out in 2016. He never touched the guard and had witness statements. It was during our visitation that he told the captain this while I was sitting next to the captain and heard the conversation!  I was there! I heard what he said! It did and does not Justify him being segregated and re-classified. HE IS STILL IN SEGREGATION AND SHOULD HAVE BEEN LET OUT MONTHS AGO!! 

9. Somehow, paperwork disappears and the inmates never have a chance to receive help and the hearings are all in-house. Whenever you request the incident reports and camera footage, you are always denied. I was denied camera footage even with the open records act! 

10. Everything is done in-house and it’s like the wild, wild, west. On April 2, 2020 there was a camera and my son made sure to be in the LOS of the camera at the time of his assault but you cannot see the footage when you request to see it! 

11. There has to be justice for inmates. Texas must have INDEPENDENT OVERSIGHT!  The State of Texas has the system set up to where they oversee themselves with their Omsbudmen, etc. Nothing is ever reversed or properly investigated and the inmates do not have a voice. Why would anyone conduct an investigation that was in the best interest of the inmate?

12. I’m curious, how many inmates need to die before the Federal Government intervenes? What about the inmates like my son; who are not perfect, but do have constitutional rights to medical treatment and not be assaulted with excessive force and to be treated with cruel and unusual punishment?

13. No one does anything until many (not sure what the number is) die. How about someone stepping in before that happens?

14. What about someone trying to find the truth because my son, who is 23, deserves to live and has had every civil right left taken from him. What about the countless number of husbands, wives, mothers, fathers, and children who are serving time in Texas?

15. I would like to see the Department of Justice, OIG, anyone investigate Hutchins State Jail and TDCJ thoroughly and not just look look at Hutchins State Jail Incident Reports! These reports are biased by the staff and there is no justice and no safety for our Texas Inmates!! They are biased reports in the best interest of themselves. The staff are writing reports in their favor! Why would they write a report stating they body slammed an inmate because he didn’t want to go back to his dorm because he was excited about his visit with his brother? 

This happens everyday to a countless number of Texas Inmates and I need Your Help! They need your help! 

“Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.” – Martin Luther King Jr. “No, no, we are not satisfied, and we will not be satisfied until justice rolls down like waters and righteousness like a mighty stream.”


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