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The Teachings are the same, as the Truth is always the same, and both are one.

Look my problem is, if that is what it is, has always been that I seek to understand everything. What is around me, what is in me, it all interests me. I am insatiable, and thirst to explain to myself what I see. Look or read my work, it is an attempt at explaining the world around me. Metaphysics grabbed me by the lapels a long time ago. I know that  Christ appeared in Jerusalem a couple of eons ago, He would have appeared in the Americas, and anywhere else, the names would not be the same. So native Americans, Asians, and yes Australians, Africans, everyone on the planet, would have a being who professed Love, Forgiveness & Peace as a way of life. Now the wording would be different, but the message is the same. Most organized religions breaded the message with conditions, natives spiritual beliefs would  have unencumbered the message, it would be told without much of the hype. This would attract many, because theres none of the issues many see through. It is normal to twist and adapt the message to what may suit the group. Always in parable/allegory form, to serve the wise as a guide. The golden rule is a synopsis of many commandments. The path way is the same. I do believe divine beings came through our solar portal in beams of light, as all life does. Perhaps this will explain it better,Earth a living entity, can you see it?  Everything is so well put together in our universe, that I totally credit our creator. One presence, and it is all good. I have explained it as such: Two people facing each other, a sphere or ball between them (blocking each others faces just to enhance that they don't know each other). To one person (Call this person #1), the 1/2 of the ball or sphere is blue in color (visual sense),  and it vibrates at a low frequency (audio  sense). The same persons half, smells putrid (olfactory sense), tastes bitter ( sense of taste), and has a rough texture (tactile sense).  Now to the other person (Call this person #2) who is viewing the opposite side of the very same ball or sphere their half is red in color (again visual sense input), and #2 half vibrates at a high pitch frequency (audio). #2's half smells heavenly, like baking bread (olfactory), tastes sweet as honey (taste sense), and has a smooth texture, like a highly polished stone. Each of the two individuals will argue that every account of what they take in differs on all sensory inputs. Yet the sphere/ball is the same. My point is obvious, we often are talking about the same sphere/ball and our misunderstanding of the same subject we are interpreting will not allow us to agree. Confusion occurs when the meanings are consistently different, languages fall short constantly because something is lost in the translation, and our society less and less communicates face to face. And the madness rushing brings into the world leaves none of us immune. There is but one solution, telepathy is about images, feelings created by the transmitter to the receiver. This may help understand I hope:Telepathy, what you can expect and not expect. I wish everyone well, may the time we share be happy, and may all situations bring you closer to the one presence that loves all of us unconditionally. Please read this, and watch the video, it was my first petition I wrote and a source of much controversy with ministers I have talked this point with.   Animals are exemplary biblical stewards & posses values second to none. You may sense that I regard animals intuitive sense superior to ours, and that they posses an ability to lead us to what are values should be. J.R.R.Tolkien tried and succeeded with his characters of Hobbits. What Hobbits held dear are good friends, good food, and none of the things that the industrial revolution introduced into our culture. Keep it simple, and the seeds of happiness will flourish.

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