Winnemucca Indian Colony Sovereignty

Winnemucca Indian Colony Sovereignty

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The State of Nevada and

Why this petition matters

Winnemucca Indian Colony was formally created via Executive Orders of President Woodrow Wilson during World War I for the homeless Indigenous peoples of the Great Basin. In many ways, this was a #LandBack for this time period of USA history.

Today, the community is living on only 20 acres for the allotted 340 acres. The B.I.A is harassing Indigenous peoples, and the self-appointed Tribal Chairwoman is threatening to bulldoze homes, and has. 

The State of Nevada has done nothing to ensure Indigenous safety, nor has the Biden Administration, or the United Nations- yet.

The support of this petition could force the hands of power, to protect Indigenous Sovereignty and Autonomy.


We are petitioning for;

Judy Rojo to officially resign and not be Chairwoman of the Colony or on the Tribal Council

Legally affirming that the Residents homes will not be destroyed, and remain on the Winnemucca Indian Colony grounds

Forced evictions, and human rights violations be fully addressed by returning autonomy and decision making power to the Indigenous Residents of the Colony. 


1,395 have signed. Let’s get to 1,500!