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The State Governments in Australia: Stop funding "RSPCA" a private incorporated business conglomerate.

"RSPCA" Australia is no longer an animal charity caring for all animals but a private incorporated business since 23 December 1999, using it's arm of charity and the poorly drafted Animal Care and Protection Act with complete self supervision of the said Act per delegation of the States Primary Industries Ministers, as a disguise for its terrorists acts against pet and animal owners calling legitimate licensed breeders and kennel owners puppy farmers/mills boldly supported with RSPCA fabricated evidence, lies, etc.. in harvesting its pet stock, destroying unsaleable healthy animals. Manipulating animal lovers, animal fanatics and the emotive pet owners to its support with generous donations of which less than 15% was spent on the animals.

This petition was delivered to:
  • Minister for Logal Government
    Honourable David CRISAFULLI
  • Minister for Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry
    Honourable John McVEIGH
  • Honourable Campbell NEWMAN,
  • Minister for Women
    Pru Goward,
  • Minister for Primary Industries
    Katrina Hodgkinson,
  • Minister for Police
    Michael Gallacher,
  • Premier
    Hon. Jay Wilson WEATHERILL, LLB, BEc, GDLP
  • Minister for Small Business
    Hon. Anastasious KOUTSANTONIS,

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