Teach Black History in Scottish Schools

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This petition is inspired by that created by Joshua Bailey to Gavin Williamson MP. 

As stated by Education Scotland, in regards to the Curriculum for Excellence’s Broad General Education:

​“In social studies, your child will develop their understanding of the world by learning about other people and their values, in different times, places and circumstances. They will develop their understanding of their environment and of how it has been formed.”

I have found from my personal experience in the Scottish education system that in terms of Social Studies, what we learn is not Broad enough. The first time I learned about any Black History at school was through choosing History as an elective exam subject. Even at this point, I was relayed the horrific events of the Atlantic Slave trade in a cold and detached way, with little relation as to how the people of Scotland played a huge part in these crimes. 

It is my view that between Social Sciences, Religious and Moral Education and Health and Well-being, there should be a full, accurate and updated version of Black History taught in Scotland’s schools. This should happen from our Broad General Education and should be carried on to the Senior Phase where possible. This will be an excellent start to a new generation of Anti-Racist, unprejudiced adults in Scotland, along with helping our Black peers to feel acknowledged and accepted in Scottish schools. Without Education, prejudice cannot end.