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Provide compulsory extra-curricular education on meat products in schools

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There is simply insufficient education in the current school system with regards to the origin of food they consume on a daily basis and the process undertaken to get it from the field (or often factory) in which they are reared to their plate.

With a view to entering veterinary studies myself, a few years ago I visited an abattoir as part of my work experience. Having witnessed the truth behind meat production in this country, I transformed my diet from one grossly over-loaded with animal products, to that of a vegetarian. I was disgusted upon my return to school to learn how few of my fellow students even understood what such a place was, ignorant to the process behind every bite they take.

Just to clear things up, I AM NOT IMPLYING ALL CHILDREN SHOULD CONVERT TO VEGETARIANISM, NOR AM I EVEN PROMOTING IT, I am simply saying that metaphorically speaking, wool has been pulled over the younger generation's eyes for too long and they should be provided the full story before making the decision (FOR THEMSELVES) on something which will undoubtedly dominate the rest of their lives, unbiased by smokescreens provided by food packaging or the media.

It's all about a person's free choice, and how can that choice be made with a lack of education?

I propose equal weight to be placed on developing understanding behind the meat industry and that given to sex-education, bullying and substance abuse in schools. Whether this be in the form of an assembly or presentation given by an unbiased-outside group such as veterinarians from local practices, to deliver THE FACTS, and ONLY THE FACTS around the subject, or workshops within Citizenship classes.


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