Protect Mataharehare

Protect Mataharehare

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Margaret Brough started this petition to The Prime Minister, The Rt Hon Jacinda Ardern

Mataharehare is the proposed site for the National Erebus Memorial that is part of ‘Dove Myer Robinson Park’ at 85 Gladstone Road, Parnell. We are calling for this location to be re-thought.

Mataharehare is the wrong location for the proposed Erebus memorial for two reasons.

1.      Mataharehare/Dove Myer Robinson Park needs to be protected for its irreplaceable intrinsic value just as it is:

a.      Mataharehare is a tāonga of Tāmaki Makaurau. It is an ancient Pā site and home to a notable and majestic 180 year old Pōhutakawa that is a tūpuna.

b.     It is also a small, beautiful and beloved central city park, used by whānau, joggers, dog-walkers, picnickers and tree-climbing children. It is a joyous place. It is an inappropriate site for a solemn commemorative memorial of the scale envisaged for the Erebus Memorial.

The vast proposed memorial includes 534m2 of earthworks and a 17 metre long, 8 metre high double-walled concrete and steel structure that would cut through the heart of the last vestiges of whenua with an uninterrupted view of the Waitematā. 

The proposed development at Mataharehare would pierce into the roots of the giant ancient Pōhutukawa. Invasive annual cutbacks back of the tree’s branches would also be required to maintain access to the structure. The development would destroy a rare, precious, natural remnant of the timeless past and a continued modern day source of wellbeing for all. There are other places to position the memorial without destroying this tāonga.

2.      The site does not meet the needs of the Erebus families:

a.      In a Colmar Brunton survey, 68% of descendants from the Erebus tragedy expressed the importance of a secluded, quiet location.  Less than half approve of picnicking at the Memorial.  Dove Myer Robinson Park is a high-use destination park for central Auckland residents and visitors.  It does not meet the Erebus families' needs.  

Now, Dame Naida has taken a stand to reminding us all about valuing what is important.

It is time to reflect. To respect what exists. 

Mataharehare is calling to be protected for generations to come. 

According to Erebus family member, Ms Margaret Brough, "My observation at the 2018 Erebus memorial is the majority of families were against it."

"I, along with many other non-Auckland residents, had no idea where that is. A noisy discussion started with many people from the floor standing up and objecting."

According to Dame Naida, “Erebus families advise that they do not want this memorial in this place. In recent days many have taken the time under their own volition to contact me about this personally.” 

Dame Glavish urges for hui to achieve an outcome that upholds the mana of the Crown, the Treaty partner, all Tāmaki and the families affected by Erebus.

“Communication with local iwi has been unclear and not inclusive. All the facts have not been at hand to make a proper and informed decision.”


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0 have signed. Let’s get to 25,000!
At 25,000 signatures, this petition becomes one of the top signed on!