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Subject: Ban Beef Exports from India

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The Prime Minister’s Office
PMO, New Delhi

Subject: Ban Beef Exports from India

Respected Narendra Damodardas Modi ji
Prime Minister of India

It is our humble request to you, to put a complete ban on beef exports from India.

Cow is a sacred being for the Hindu community in India. The Hindus worship cows. It is the only being that exhales oxygen (as often quoted by Karyakartas, and is a symbol of peace. Lord Krishna used to adore cows. The government of India must understand the sentiments of the Hindu community. Cow has been very closely attached to our religion and religious practices. Also it has been narrated by our esteemed Yogis and leaders that Cow Dung can nutralise Nuclear radiation, hence it can be of great use for Defence.

Livestock, which includes all breeds of cattle, has been a source of wealth for time immemorial. It is the bread and butter for the Antyodaya, the poorest of the poor, the one for whom our Prime Minister has emerged as a messiah.

This is a petition to request Centre Modi Government to ban beef exports from all across India, whether it be North-East or Goa or Kerala. Cows have been accorded the status of mother in the Hindu community. The state must not discriminate. Cow slaughter should be banned across the nation because it is anti-national and against the faith of the Hindu Community.

Rivers of milk shall flow through this nation but we shall not allow our livestock, our livelihood, the pious being, to be slaughtered mercilessly to be processed and consumed by the western society.

India will wear Khadi. India must not wear leather made of the skin of cows and buffaloes. Indians can survive on meager income, but will not allow the sentiments of the Hindu community to be hurt.

Thus, I request the government of India to put complete ban on export of beef and make beef export punishable offence.

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