Take strict action against people who run Vehicles over animals !!

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[Please note that Indian law system has been protecting  animals as well as its citizens,   It has implemented new rules(Latest is Beef ban,Transport of animals for the Gadhimai Sacrifice,Bans 'Finning' Sharks) Now as a next step we want these innocent lives to be saved in the country and thus take a initiative to change the world.]

Petition Letter:  

They have families too...Please Stop running over animals!
Before you start complaining about them,Remember                                                   It's WE who took away their homes.

                    It's WE who destroyed their habitat.


Tomorrow it can be your own family or someone close to your heart, if you can hit & run an innocent speechless animal then you are the beast in form of a human who is much worser than any species on mother earth to do this act with free will, without using your brains & still call yourself an intelligent animal.
Even they have family..!!

Please remember rash driving is not good & someone home is waiting eagerly for you. Today its an animal on street tomorrow it can may be your family member in place of that dog.

If running over a human being is a criminal case, running over an animal should be the same.Because a murderer is a murderer no matter if the victim is human or animal.

Think twice & act responsibly !

Note: The picture above is for Petition  purpose only,the source is not yet confirmed .