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Halt all mass, long haul live animal exports from Australia.

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The majority of Australians are opposed to *mass, long haul live animal exports, because it is inherently cruel to animals.

Animal cruelty within the Australian livestock industry is, by no means, exclusive to the live export trade. However, because the export of live animals necessarily subjects animals to several unique processes which are profoundly and unavoidably negative to their welfare, it is inherently cruel, even if the industry's dubious claims that such processes are carried out to the highest achievable animal welfare standards are accepted. These processes impose cumulative, extreme animal welfare risks which are totally absent within the Australian onshore livestock industry. In addition, the principal of eliminating all non-essential processes to which livestock are subjected is a well-established, corner stone element which is vital for compliance with world's best practice animal welfare standards. The live export industry is a clear contradiction to this principal, since it adds several processes which are definitely non-essential. In fact, the live export industry can reasonably be characterised as a cold mechanism which inflicts one long, non-stop set of non-essential processes on animals, from the moment they enter its system, right up until the moment it kills them. This can never possibly be considered world's best practice in animal welfare terms, and it follows that the Australian livestock industry cannot possibly lay any genuine claim to any such standard whilst it participates in, or even simply endorses, the live animal export trade.


Added to this is the realistic certainty of the continued, repetitive, abject failure of the Australian live export industry to ensure that any of the unique, additional processes which it imposes on animals can be carried out to even a moderately acceptable standard. This is despite the promise it made to the Australian community more than 4 years ago, when it vowed that it would ensure community expectations would be respected and closely adhered to. The live export industry has not lived up to its end of the bargain since the lifting of the 2011 suspension, because it simply can’t. The promises this industry made were little more than a patronising litany of lies, and those involved in the industry have always known this. Instead, it repeatedly tries to replace what it falsely promised to the Australian community with its own profit driven animal welfare philosophy, which arrogantly dismisses the community's clearly stated values. This industry is an intense affront to most people's basic moral values. By virtue of its mere existence, it imposes on everyone a repugnantly corrupt set of values which allows animal cruelty on the basis that some people will materially benefit from it.


Although opposition to the live export trade is widespread across the entire Australian community, it is an indisputable fact that women account for the vast majority of those who are visible in their activity against the trade. For the most part, incumbent political entities in Australia stubbornly ignore the massive level of opposition to the export of live animals, which can only ever be adequately addressed by enacting a permanent halt to it. Well over 1 million separate actions taken by Australian women on this one single issue have, to date, effectively been ignored by Australian governments and most establishment politicians. If the majority of those involved in the anti-live export movement were men, would our political system be paying it more attention? We suspect that it would. Establishment politicians, ironically several of whom are women, continue to actively suppress and, in the process, dismiss as unimportant, the express views and concerns of the majority of Australian women, who are so often deeply traumatised by the cruelty of the live export trade. The Australian political establishment’s intractable position of support for the live export trade, despite clear evidence that the trade is strongly opposed by an overwhelming majority of Australian women, is symptomatic of the still deeply ingrained, continuing culture of gender based subjugation within our parliaments.


The live export industry inflicts misery and suffering upon millions of animals; it is the ultimate betrayal of the trust which animals put in us. On behalf of all those who are opposed to the live export trade, LiveExport-GlobalVoice4Animals hereby insists that the Australian community’s values on the treatment of animals must forthwith be appropriately observed, respected, restored, and in future, never again be ignored. By definition, this would necessitate the implementation of a permanent halt of all mass, long haul live animal exports from Australia.


*Please note that the word 'mass' is intended to mean 'more than a very small number', a qualification which would allow some animals, for highly specialised, specific purposes, in rare and strictly overseen circumstances, to be sent to another country. (eg for the preservation of an endangered species).



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