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We, secular Americans, should be heard in our government.

In support of the Reason Rally 2012:
No matter how you slice it, religious beliefs should not be a part of governmental decision making. Basing decisions on religious beliefs leads to laws that are NOT FAIR to some Americans. The idea that two people who love each other can't get married just because they're the same sex is not one that comes from the "most free country in the world". The ONLY reason to have that law in place is a biblical one. Other people are starting to open their eyes as well. That's why you hear regular reports about the next state taking the step toward a truly free America, and much less from the likes of N.O.M. and M.O.M. We can't have laws against things like that and still get to call our country free. We, the secular people of the United States, deserve to be heard. We are far larger in number than you might suppose and our numbers are growing everyday. We have a long road ahead of us, and things are moving as slowly, it seems, as the process of macro-evolution, but we're making progress. The younger generation is beginning to see the world for what it really is as well and not how someone else imagines it. Let's keep moving forward and show our numbers! Sign below to show that you are a secular American and you want to be heard!

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