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to take the Potbellied Pig out of the " livestock" category

The Potbellied pig has the intelligence of a 5 to 6 year old child. They make the most loving pet, they are easily house trained , the love that they give is amazing. Unfortunately for them ( the potbelly) their are breeders that are selling these beautiful creatures to people that do not know what to do with them when they get them home. They then sell them( the owners) at Livestock auctions for slaughter. The zoning for many citys and towns also feel these animals( that are approx the size of a golden retriever full grown) are " Hogs" and and are not recognized as the animal they should be. Many families find themselves in legal battles to save their precious pet and part of their family. Help me  change these laws to stop the slaughter of the potbelly pig. The potbelly is now begin recognized as therapy animals for Autistic children, people with panic and anxiety disorders and depression. We need the Potbellied pig to not be considered " livestock" anymore. And please check our website at:  Thank you !

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