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Everyday thousands of children are Court Ordered to spend unsupervised time with their abusive parents and are separated from their protective parents. Pedophilia has become acceptable by our government and these criminals usually never end up being prosecuted.

6 year old Aaliyah Bedwell disclosed to her mother Connie Bedwell at 2 ½ years old that her father Dustin Thompson was forcing her to suck his penis “Daddy’s Worm.” The Courts have not allowed Aaliyah to see her loving mother in 3 years.

Bella Ryder disclosed at 26 months that her father Matthew Lang Pritchard was “kissing her cookie (vagina).” After Bella’s mother tried to protect her, Matthew was given emergency custody of Bella. Bella now only sees her mother every other weekend.

Skye Crowe has been forced by the Corrupt Family Courts of California to be with her sexually abusive father, Shane Crowe full time. Skye’s big sister Presley Crowe fights for her safety everyday. http://www.SaveOurSkye.Org

Amy Charron had her 2 year old daughter Markel Charron taken away from her and given to her abusive mother and step father. Amy’s right to care, love and nurture Markel were eventually terminated by CPS and the corrupt Texas Government.

The list of children who have been Court Ordered to be sodomized and abused goes on and on…Tell the government that this is unacceptable. Return these children to their non offending parent and let a jury decide the fate of the offending parent. No child deserves to be abused. They cannot defend themselves. Would you please be their voice and sign this petition?

Letter to
Governor John Kasich
President of the United States
California State Senate
and 12 others
California State House
U.S. Senate
U.S. House of Representatives
Governor Jerry Brown
Franklin County Magistrate Magistrate Darrolyn C. Krippel
Governor's Office Jai Chabria
US Department of Justice Eric Holder
Sacramento FBI
Guardian ad Litem Stacy Abroms Bandler
Columbus Police Detective Monte Nommay
Franklin County Judge Judge Kim A. Browne
California Governor
I just signed the following petition addressed to: The President.

Stop Giving Children to Pedophiles!