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Stop deportation of Jorge Campos


Mr. Campos has been in the United States for over 16 years.  Within a year of been present in the United States Mr. Campos claimed political asylum and fear of persecution.   Mr. Campos has always been the sole provider for his family, which includes his wife and 3 daughters, 2 of them who are United States citizens. The eldest of which, Gabriela is a straight A student and DREAM Act eligible. SHe has been offered various grants and scholarships, some of which she hasn't been able to accept due to her legal status. During all this time Mr. Campos has paid his income taxes and has no criminal record.  In addition, Mr. Campos is an active member of his church. 


Mr. Campos’ story and the hardship that his family is suffering is so compelling, that their story was featured on national television at Univision Channel at the “Despierta America” show on December 2011. (To see please go to: “Un padre se niega a firmar la deportación)


Further, without Mr. Campos’ income, his wife is unable to cover the family expenses and have been suffering from economic and emotional hardship. 

The following was written by Gilda Campos, Mr. Campos' wife who has been trying to support the family since his detainment over a year ago;

 As known for all of you, we immigrate to this country on March 18, 1996 because we feared for our lives since my husband and his family belonged to one of the strongest political parties at the time and because of the resistance to accept petitions from a revolutionary group, he was threatened in various occasions in addition to other problems that were presenting itself. His father asked him to leave the country as soon as possible, I, as his legal wife, am witness of the whole nightmare that his family lives, since, following through with previous threats, on July 13, 2009, my husband’s brother was killed, Jose Ramon Campos, that is why I live filled with fear of putting in danger my entire family seeing that this revolutionary group has come to power and as of today they govern with totalitarian dictatorship regime, willing to do anything, in order to not lose the power that they have today.

We see never ending situations that fill me with a lot of fear, to see how judges and prosecutors, do not enjoy the stability of having a judicial career in their work, and hence, they cannot guarantee the autonomy and independence of the Judicial Power and this has been motive of a lot of concern from diverse organizations national and internationals.

First Justice: The Government criminalizes protest out of fear of having unhappy people:
“We feel proud of those 35 Venezuelan that exercise their legitimate right to protest, they’re not alone, they represent the voice of the people that does not kneel down to a power.” Affirmed Tomas Guanipa

Everything started with the protests. They began in Guarenas, (city located 15 kilometer east of Caracas), during the morning of February 27, 1989, simultaneously, the looting and violence started in Caracas, people from the capital, with limited resources, in popular zones like Catia, el Valle-Coche and Antimano, take control of the streets. The television channels were transmitting live, the acts, at the beginning the popular sectors had pacific protests, but in front of the uncontrolled and the inefficiency of the security forces, more confrontations were produced, mutiny and protests, turning more violent each time.

In the afternoon, they were problems in almost all neighborhoods of Caracas, the stores were closed and the public transportation was no longer in service.

The following days, the press and the media, showed images that allowed to see the magnitude of the looting. For many months it was discussed how something so violent occurred in Venezuela.

Violent protests also were originated in other cities like: La Guaira, Maracay, Valencia, Barquisimeto, Merida, Guyana city and Maracaibo.

Overwhelmed with the lootings, the Government declared a curfew, militarized all the principal cities and crushed the protests with unmeasured violence. In Caracas city, the Avila Plan was activated, which conferred to the Army custody of the city, enabling them with the use of war weapons in order to contain the manifestations. Some people used firearms to defend themselves or to attack the Army, but the number of deads among the police and Army, could not compare with the civilian deaths.

There is an impressive number of deaths, calculated according to sources, between 300 and 500 deaths, enormous material losses and thousands of wounded. Unofficial sources revealed that the number of deaths were more than 300. The repression was particularly hard on the poor neighborhoods of the capital.

The executive power suspended all the constitutional guarantees. During a couple of days the city lived under chaos, the restrictions, the lack of food, the militarization, searches and seizures, the political persecution and the assassination of innocent people.

The evident consequence of the “Caracazo” was the political instability. The government program was modified during that same year as a consequence of the acts. On March 7, it was decreed the freedom of the prices. The decentralization process was accelerated with the first direct election of Mayors and Governors, celebrated on December 1989. In 1992, 2 attempts of coup d'etat, were produced, one in February and another one in November. That same year the President Carlos Andres Perez is accused of corruption and impeached, assuming the presidency Ramon J. Velazquez, under a decision of the National Congress (Currently the National Assembly), who is succeed by Rafael Caldera after the call for elections in 1994. Hugo Chavez, one of the organizers of the first attempt of coup d'etat of 1992, is declared guilty of leading the military rebellion, being incarcerated and then pardon by President Rafael Caldera, after which he won the presidential elections of 1988.

The Interamerican Court of Human Rights condemned the government actions. The state promised to indemnify the victims, act partially done in 2004 with those victims represented by the human rights organization, Cofavic.

Francisco Portillo, general coordinator of America democracy watch(Amdew), based in Miami, said on a press conference: “Our Venezuelan brothers are suffering a great tragedy, caused by the dictator, as it is called, Hugo Chavez, whom is causing problems both to South and Central America.” The objective, the Honduran added, is “to send a message more clear to the whole world of the great danger that is suffering democracy in Venezuela, where president Chavez, keep himself perpetuated in power like a dictator similarly to (the Cuban ex ruler) Fidel Castro and his companions. “We are going to tell throughout the Latin American community, that we are against the continuous violation of human and civil rights of the people that fight in favor of the Venezuelan democracy.” Said Portillo.


First, because of fear that one of my family members lose their life and the fear of expose my daughters to every kind of possible attack in Venezuela where there physical integrity it’s at risk, in rapes, kidnapping, and murder only because of absurd situations and our case if my family return will be even more expose because of the political trajectory of my husband’s family.

Like my husband, with the years passing by and with the birth of our 2 daughters in this country, we have learned to respect, defend and love it as the land of our birth and because of this I can say that with a lot of effort and work I have try to abide and live as a good citizen and that we recognize our fault of not solving our migratory status out of fear of being deported and forced my daughters to a life that they reject completely because for them this is their world where they have develop their abilities gratefully and satisfactory on an academic level.

The academic development of my daughters will be in jeopardy, my oldest daughter will graduate next year she has an excellent level, for which she has work with a lot of effort and dedication and has been requested from different Universities in the United States of America. If deported, she will incurred in a regress of about 3 to 4 years. Similar situation and even worst with my U.S. citizen daughters any legal process for them will be hampered.

The sad situation of leaving behind all the work and effort of a good part of our lives, like our hour house and the small enterprise that represents the family stability, harmony and social contribution.

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