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This petition is important to me, and  others who own pits, and pit mixes. Why should one narrow minded group get to say who should own what breed and where? It' isn't right nor fair to those who've owned pits and pit mixes for half of their lives. You can't just ask someone to give up a part of their family. They say Pits and pit mixes are Vicious. Right, only if the owner of the breed has trained them to fight, attack, and or has abused them, will they be Vicious... I say breed because any dog can be vicious not just pits and pit mixes... For example, Police dogs, are vicious towards criminals but also have a back off command, now i used this statement in an article I written and I think it is a valuable point. If a crooked cop were to tell their dog to attack an innoncent person, the cop would get punished and not the dog. So why not do the same for Pits, and Pit mixes owners?

I'll tell you why, because BSL is discriminating against these breeds. Pits, Pit Mixes, Amstaffs, and Sbts.

Top it off, shelters are so over run with pits, pit mixes, and SBT'S that they are forced to put them down for no reason in the following states Ca, La, Pa, Ny, Nj, Mi, and a lot of other places to many to list. If you have a heart you will sign and save the lives of these breeds.

It is because of the BSL that these breeds are in trouble of being put down and wiped out completely through out the entirety of the USA! Creatures can't speak for themselves it is up to us, their owners/friends/family/pack leader to speak for them.

So do this country a favor, and DO NOT LET THE BSL PASS THIS LAW/BILL!

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Breed Specific Legislation BSL
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President of the United States
I just signed the following petition addressed to: BSL and the President of the United States

Please Stop preventing people from owning Pits and Pit mixes
Pits and Pit mixes aren't to blame for their actions, or aggression, the blame should lie on the owner, whom have trained their dogs for fighting in the pits, or to attack people. The owner's who are irresponsible should be the ones at fault here, you cannot blame a voiceless animal for the actions that have happened.

These Owners, have done nothing but set their dogs up for failure, by not socializing them, by not training them. Or worse, leave them outside, in a kennel with no human contact, except for feeding or watering.

These dogs do not have a choice at who their owner is, These dogs need to be spoken for, need people who understand them, These dogs need RESPONSIBLE OWNERS not these people who don't know anything about them, or those who let their children poke, prod and jump on them like a trampoline, which has caused a MAJORITY of attacks. Because people do not educate their kids about Dog Etiquette. Any dog can be a danger in the wrong hands.

For people to single out a specific breed, is Discrimination and pure out right Hatred.


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