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Stop BPA packaging of products and Fluoridation of our water !


"Ninety percent of the U.S. residents test positive for BPA, a chemical increasingly linked to cancer, heart disease, infertility, impotence and even mental retardation." says NaturalNews. The more striking fact is companies have been using BPA in there packaging of there good to the American people for years.Basically everything you touch during your day has BPA in the product. Please google search if you have any doubts. Don't take my word for it become informed !


On to the Fluoride in our water. A study conducted by scientists in India demonstrates that consumption of sodium fluoride results in brain and neurological damage says Kurt Nimmo a writer for infowars. For a long time the government and other companies have been forcing the issue about adding fluoride into our water saying it is good for our teeth. Well were is the proof? Only thing you get when you search is all the negative thing it does to you. Please follow the links and watch the youtube video for more proof.


Here is a link to Infowars on BPA (first link) and Fluoride (second link)

Here is also another great video to watch about these issues


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