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Save Superior and the Boundary Waters! NO Sulfide Mines!



Minnesota is a state that is well-known for its many lakes, forests, and recreational areas. It has over 90,000 miles of shoreline- more than California, Florida and Hawaii combined. It is home to the Boundary Waters Canoe Area, Voyageurs National Park, and is located on the western shore of Lake Superior. Minnesota’s lakes are a source of drinking water, tourism revenue, recreational opportunities, and food, to name a few. But these important natural resources are in danger of being irreparably damaged.


There are mining projects currently being proposed to extract metals such as copper and nickel from sulfide ore. One of the proposed mine sites is just upstream from Lake Superior, while the other (possibly the biggest mine in Minnesota history) is just two to three miles from the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness. No sulfide mine has ever operated without polluting nearby areas, and many times companies can’t afford the clean-up, leaving it to the taxpayers after the land has been exploited for all of it’s metals. The pollutants released into the environment can cause health problems, including cancer, to those who are exposed. The sulfuric acid that dissolves rock and drains from mines can kill fish, birds, and other animals. And the destruction of wetlands would add to this problem- wetlands are natural water filtering systems, but one of the proposed mines would destroy over 1,000 acres of wetland, the largest wetland destruction ever permitted in Minnesota’s state history. 


Clean, fresh water is one of the most important components to sustaining life on Earth. 97% of the water on Earth is saltwater, while only 3% is freshwater. Of this three percent, only ONE PERCENT is usable by humans. Lake Superior contains 10% of the world’s fresh surface water. Tell your leaders, friends and the world that you love your lakes, forests, and wetlands and will fight to save them! Sign the petition, share it with your friends, and get the word out!! Money is just paper, the EARTH is what's really valuable here! Ensure your grandchildren can enjoy this wild and beautiful place! 

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