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Revoke tax-exempt status of "political" churches

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Most churches in the US are 501(c)(3) non-profit corporations.  When registering, they (and all other non-profits) agree to certain rules in exchange for tax exemption.  One rule is not to campaign for or against political candidates.

Every year, the Religious Right pushes "Pulpit Freedom Sunday". They encourage pastors to endorse candidates from the pulpit, in violation of the rules they voluntarily agreed to.

Last year, 539 pastors participated, sending videos of their political advocacy to the IRS. None received more response than a letter reminding them they shouldn't do such things, and telling them they were very, very naughty.

This year, 1,000 pastors have pledged to break the law and thumb their noses at IRS regulations. The agency's inaction has led to an increase in lawlessness.

It's time the IRS revoked tax-exempt status of those who refuse to follow the rules that come with this privilege. Last year, houses of worship in the US received a collective tax break of $25 billion, considering both income and local property taxes. This is a wonderful gift from US taxpayers, a subsidy that some pastors can't bring themselves to appreciate.

If they refuse to follow the rules, and instead flaunt their rulebreaking, they should lose this gift. Without tax-exempt status, they can preach in favor of candidates all they like . . . without being subsidized by the taxpayers.

This petition will be sent to the IRS, the President of the United States, and all Senators and Representatives.

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