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Recognize Failure of Child Protective Service; Grant Grandparents Rights

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The Department of Children's Services ensures and grows their budget (your tax dollars) by receiving financial incentives for every child taken from their original families and even more by placing them for adoption. While this is sometimes necessary, it has become procedure for social workers to remove happy, healthy, and well cared for children (especally infants as they are easily adopted out) from grandparents and other relative caregivers who have stepped up of their own volition to care for, and protect their grandchildren, nieces, nephews, sisters and brothers, when the biological parents are unable to do so. This is purely for budget increases, bonuses, and simply because they can. Families are being destroyed by the thousands. Vulnerable young siblings are being traumatized and truly abused by this system when no intervention was asked for or needed. Please help me stop the abuse of power and the egregious violations of our most fundamental human rights. The right to our families. We cannot allow our public servants to exploit, steal and traffic our beloved children for the sake of job security, and financial gain - to the tune of $85,000 per child. Senator Nancy Shaefer (GA) had called for total national reform of Child Protective Services. She was the voice of the children, the families, and our constitutional rights, until she was murdered, soon after she began this campaign for justice. Please help make her dream a reality. Starting with Los Angeles County and then everywhere! Please sign and then start a petition in your state!

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