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Pledge to reduce man-made CO2 in the United States by 50% in 5 years.

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The scientific community has determined that global warming is happening. As well, it is being exacerbated by our way of living and it is far worse than they had originally calculated. We are approaching a serious tipping point when there will be very little we can do to stop horrible environmental catastrophes that could effectively destroy all human life within this century. It is the duty of every human being to do what he or she can to stop this tragedy. We will not effectively do this until our nation’s governments do the following. Each official or those running for office must:

1. Publicly declare that they recognize global warming as a real phenomenon.
2. Publicly declare that man-made activities are increasing global warming.
3. Pledge to reduce our CO2 emissions by 50% within the next five years. (Effectively, their next term in office.)
5. Pledge not to alter their stance and policy on this matter.
6. Pledge to stimulate effective, non-greenhouse gas emitting energy alternatives and technologies.
7. Pledge to remove all subsidies and tax breaks for dirty energy such as coal, oil and natural gas, except when those subsidies are utilized to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions by 50% or more.
8. Pledge to apply tariffs on products produced in countries that do not take the same course of action and reduce their greenhouse gas emissions by 50%.

If we do not start now to substantially reduce greenhouse gas emissions, the lives of our children and generations to come will be drastically altered. Let us manage this disaster now or watch our grandchildren suffer the fate of our own ignorance.

To those who sign this petition, please join me in pledging that, if all levels of our government do not do something to substantially reduce the CO2 pollution, that they will not be in government after the next election. Send this petition to all officials at the local, state and federal level and ask them to sign this petition.

Scientists have now determined that global warming is worse than they ever imagined. A six degrees increase in temperature would put global temperatures in a range never seen before and this could happen early in this century. A serious tipping point has already started and well on its way to completion within the next 20 years. This is when Greenland’s icecap completely melts away releasing high-density methane from muck that has been sequestered beneath the ice sense before there were living plants and animals on earth. This will likely trigger a rapid and substantial heating of the atmosphere that will not be managed by any efforts of ours. We can potentially stop or substantially slow the melting if we substantially reduce our CO2 emissions.

To paraphrase former Prime Minister of Great Britain, Tony Blair, the outcome of the Iraq war would have been far worse if they actually had weapons of mass destruction and we had done nothing. This war has claimed thousands of lives and cost over a trillion dollars. And the costs continue to increase. There will be no lives lost fighting global warming no matter how fervently we attack it. But there will be millions of lives lost if we don’t. Yes, there will be money spent but there will be substantially more money spent reacting to the catastrophes awaiting us if we don’t act now. This will be one of the hardest fought battles that we’ll face in our lifetime but it will come with great personal, environmental and economic rewards. It will unleash a plethora of new job producing inventions, rekindle the American spirit and will help raise us out our current global economic recession.

Become informed. In Pulitzer Prize winning author, Tom Friedman’s, respected book, "Hot, Flat & Crowded", he talks about an experiment organized by the Department of Energy in Washington State's Olympic Peninsula. By applying a simple prototype of an Energy Internet, the peak electricity load was cut by half. This is one of many ways to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions with technologies we have available today. If we act now, we can have a definite and positive impact on global warming. But we must act now.

Please make the pledge and tell all levels of government that if they don’t make their pledge they will not be getting your vote in 2012. The national election is in one year. If a million people sign this petition and send it on to their local, state and federal governments, we can effect change. Please pass this on to everyone in your email address book and let’s use the power of the Internet to make this happen.

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