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Pass Immigration reform now and stop the racial discrimination

This is Important to each and everyone of us because Racial discriminations was suppose to stop hundreds of years ago.These illegal Immigrates are our spouses u this country have torn our families apart just because there here illegally.We areAmerican citizens working in our country paying taxes etc, Mr President u promised Immigration reform since u have been in office more and more illegals have been picked up harrassed tortured made to feel less than human almost like the slaves did hundreds of years ago but the world changed and things were made bettter.Sure coulnt tell it now though.The hispanics are treated like common criminals ,there children are American citizens doesnt matter if their mom or dad is there sill born in the USA the constitution protects their rights.Yet this goverment is trying to even take that from them. This is suppose to be a new nation a nation of change what happened to his Mr President I voted for u because I believed in you I believed like all the other American citizens that u truly care and would help keep our families together U would see what its like to be an outsider and see the need for a Good Immigration Reform.The law that is in effect that is sending our spouses back to their country needs changed it needs put on hold because our spouses are forced to leave this country and their American families .American spouses are being forced to leave their country and go and live in poverty or stay an be seperated from their spouses for years.You Mr President promised within the first year of office to make this happen.Its been 3 years and nothing has changed except more people have been and continue to be deported ,We supported u in ur time of need but you have left us down.We need IMMIGRATION REFORM TODAY NOT NEXT YEAR OR 5 YEARS FROM NOW.We are waiting on u to make this change. Deborah Estrada
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