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Eric Holder Jr: Address the Federal petition submitted by We The People

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January 12, 2012
We the People Seeking Justice for Caylee Marie Anthony
To:  President Obama
Dear Mr. President:

Justice will only be achieved when those who are not injured by crime feel as indignant as those who are." -King Solomon

We the People Seeking Justice for Caylee Marie Anthony have received no response from the United States Attorney General Eric Holder Jar’s office concerning a petition that was submitted to him at his office on September 9, 2011.  This petition had 48,801 signatures on it.  The petition requested United States Attorney General Eric Holder Jr. investigate federal l charges be brought against Casey M, Anthony for the murder of her 2 year old daughter Caylee Marie Anthony.  Although, the State of Florida failed to convict her of this murder.  We view this case as a miscarriage of justice.  We understand the double jeopardy rule, but we are also aware of the dual sovereignty rule.  We know the possibility exists that the  federal government could seek federal charges against Casey M Anthony regardless of what the State Courts did.  It is a Federal Offense to lie to a Federal Agent and we know in this case Casey Marie Anthony did lie to Federal agents while being questioned about the disappearance and subsequent murder of her child Caylee Marie Anthony.  We the People have sent thousands of letters to United States Attorney General Eric Holder Jar’s Office requesting he review the case and see if there is a possibility of pursuing charges against her in the Federal Court.
We aided in the passing of Caylee’s Law that is on the books now in at least 30 states.  That petition alone generated 1.5 million signatures.  When you have 86 percent of the population who disagree with this verdict there is a problem.  As a result of this verdict many other children this past year have been reported missing and have turned up murdered under very similar circumstances.  This verdict has generated numerous copy cat killings of children.
We have spent thousands of hours generating petitions, boycotting those who seek to  profit off this murder including her mother and her family.  We have in great part prevented her from" dancing on the grave of Caylee Marie."  No money for murder.  No one in the United States of America who murders their own child should ever have the ability to profit off that murder.  Casey Anthony continues to seek out options to profit off this murder.
We are citizens of the United States of America and we believed in a system that was put into place long before most of us came along.  The American Criminal Justice system is supposed to be the best in the world.  This time the system failed.  There is to much emphasis placed on the accused and none placed with the victim. The accused have all their rights and the victim has been silenced by a system that put the Criminal in Justice.
We have been told many times in life that if we do not get the answers we seek then we must continue to the next in command.  United States Attorney General Eric Holder Jr. has chosen to ignore the thousands of letters, emails and phone calls to his office.  He has failed to acknowledge a petition that was sent to him with almost 48,801 signatures on it.  We have confirmation that he received it.  If the United States Attorney General does not represent the law of the land  then who does he represent.?  It is our understanding that as the United States Attorney General your job duties include, but are not limited to the  principal federal law enforcement officers in their judicial districts. In the exercise of their prosecutorial discretion, United States Attorneys construe and implement the policy of the Department of Justice. Their professional abilities and the need for their impartiality in administering justice directly affect the public's perception of federal law enforcement.  We are having a really hard time with our perception of the Feds when it comes to enforcement of the law as it applies to this specific case.  The State of Florida -vs.- Casey Marie Anthony.
We have patiently waited for any response from the United States Attorney General Eric Holder Jr.  We the People are now requesting your assistance in this matter.
We must not set precedent in a country that allows those who murder their children to walk free because the system failed.  This means the victim was failed twice and  silenced by a system that should have protected her.
We thank you in advance for your cooperation and assistance in getting us the answers that we ask Mr. Eric Holder Jr. for ( 4 )months ago.  The office of The United States Attorney General has not responded to one single letter that was mailed to them and they have failed to address the petition, Many more letters continue to go out to his office. A copy of this petition and this letter will be sent to his office.
Thank you for you time Mr. President.
We the People Seeking Justice for Caylee Marie Anthony.


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