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End Police Abuse of Power

Right now is a time unlike any in US history. The federal and state authorities have more power than at any point previously in history, and are abusing that power like there is no tomorrow. Every day a new video of police officers on duty beating some kid to within an inch of his life, a new story about FBI training including persecuting innocent people based on race, beliefs, income level, and past accusations that have been cleared. For a free country, supposedly the most free country in the world, this is an awful lot like fascism and not at all like a free democracy. If we want other nations to call America a Free Nation again, we are going to have to end this rampant abuse within our own system. Not only is it possible, but it will be easy.

Right now police officers are subjected to some psychological tests to prevent the mentally ill from taking power, but those with personality disorders, such as narcisism, sociopathy, paranoia, among many other personality disorders are not tested for, and do not bar a person from serving. The result of this is that even the most sadistic, remoseless, souless monsters get into our law enforcement agencies, to the point where a dozen grown men can beat a boy to within an inch of his life, and they get at most a slap on the wrist, a suspension, or in an extremely rare case, fired to work at another police department. If we bar those who feel no remorse, sympathy, or empathy for the people, if we bar those who will use their authority to support their business interests (such as Koch Industries using the FBI to go after innocent protesters), then we can once again become a free nation.

So we are asking that you institute a mandatory test for all law enforcement officers for personality disorders that put our freedom in danger, and work very hard to ensure that nobody can act with the authority of the US government if they are susceptible to abusing that power. Lets end police brutality, lets make America Free again, please. Too many of us without the money to fight back are suffering and being abused, and we have no options left, end this madness.

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