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Criminal penalties for poisoning domestic animals stiffened to a felony.

My name is Marc Schroeder. I hope you can help me find justice for my dog who was poisoned by my next-door neighbor. I reside at 103 Calle Bonito San Clemente. Last Friday (4-6-2012) I received a call from Mary Ellen Peterson requesting I watch her German Shepherd "Atlas" on Saturday (4-7-2012) I agreed and she went to spend 2 days at the Disneyland hotel with her son and granddaughter. After dropping her off, we returned home and I started speaking to my next door neighbor Ray from the street. At that time, both my dog Diablito and Atlas ran past him into his yard. At no time during our 5 minute conversation did he indicate to me that he did not want the dogs in his yard or warn me that he had poison out where they could eat it. We entered my home, then we took the dogs to San Onofre state beach and had a great afternoon. The following morning, Atlas asked for and was given a large bowl of food. Family members showed up and we prepared to return to the beach. In the confusion of loading, Atlas went into Rays yard, returned and started going into convulsions. I did not know what was wrong and assumed he had some sort of pre-existing medical condition I was unaware of. We went to the beach and it happened again and I tried to call Mary Ellen but could not reach her. When I did get a call back, she was very concerned and got on the next train to pick him up right away and take him to the hospital. The next day (Monday 4-9-2012) me and Diablito went to work together and returned home at 8pm. I went to my bar and sat and had a cocktail. After only 5 minutes, my daughter Catalina came and asked me where Diablito was. I replied, "He is in the house" and she said "No, he is not, I can hear his collar jingling in Ray's yard" I called him, and he came right away, as he was a very obidiant dog. Right away, he collapsed and starting shaking and going into convulsions just like Atlas but worse. I put him in a blanket and drove to the animal hospital on Pico but it was closed and he died right there in the parking lot. I spent the night thinking and came to the conclusion that Ray must have put out snail bait or some other poison and it was a terrible accident. In the morning,(4-10-2012) I went to have a look. What I found, completely blew my mind. On a shelf, on the back wall of Ray's house, was a empty can of dog food (Ray does not own any pets), a bottle of Drano, a mixing bowl and a spoon. I also saw a clear plastic cup with Drano and water in it on the ground at the top of his brick stairs. I immediately went and got a camera and upon returning, saw the bowl of dog food and Drano mixed together on the ground approximately 8 feet from our fence where my dog could easily smell it from our yard. After taking photos of all of this, I knocked on his door but did not get a answer. I was late for work and had to pick up my men so I went and did so. Upon returning home that afternoon, I called animal control, they told me to call "Dana" I did so and left a voice-mail that was never returned. After waiting an hour, I called animal control again and found they had closed. At that point I called San Clemente Sheriffs and they had Jill Moran call me, she came over and we went into Ray's yard and I showed her the poisons and she interviewed him, collected the poisons and Diablito's corpse. I am currently awaiting action and the results of tests. Please contact me if you have any questions. I can be reached at 760-715-2952 or Thank you for your prompt attention to this matter. Marc Schroeder
The latest on the poisoning death of my best friend. This morning (4-21-2012) I got a voice mail from the investigator from San Clemente animal control "Dana" He said that my neighbor wanted my phone # and the # of the owner of the other dog he poisoned to call us and apologize to us and he MAY? be willing pay our medical bills. I called him back and told him that the time for apologies was the day after my dog died when he choose to lie to me and the first investigator "Jill Moran". Dana then informed me that he had obtained a confession from Ray and that he and his wife were "mortified that my dog was dead." If that was true? Why haven't they simply walked next door and told us so? It been 12 days since Beto died, my feeling is they just want to B.S. the investigator to take it easy on them with the fines and they really don't give a damn about our dogs and the pain we have gone through. I have posted flyers around town, emailed reporters and I plan to call the district Atty's office next week and speak at the next city council meeting.You may be interested to know that even with an open and shut case like this we tax-payers can not expect any enforcement of felony offenses committed against our pets. Dana even told me today that they know of a San Clemente resident who is having sex with dogs and they are doing nothing to stop it due to budget constraints. This is simply not OK and I would really appreciate your attention and support to finding the resources needed to prosecute animal abusers here in our fair city. Thank you, Marc Schroeder

Have you had the chance to speak to deputy DA Jennifer Malone at 949-476-4650? I have yet to hear from her "investigator" that she said would be contacting me. It has been 6 weeks since she told me he would be contacting me and 3 months since Diablito's extremely painful death. I am considering picketing her office if nothing is going to be done. I am pretty sure the general public would be outraged to find out with all the photographic evidence, the poison- canned dog food mix that was taken into evidence and tested, the results of the necropsy done on Diablito's corpse and even a confession by the poisoner? She has yet to make up her mind to prosecute or even had the confessed poisoner arrested? I know my outrage is growing by the day. Please help if you can, Marc Schroeder


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