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Abolish all forms of Intellectual Property (IP) Law

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Intellectual property is a concept that includes several types of legally recognized rights arising from intellectual creativity, or that are otherwise related to ideas. IP rights are rights to intangible things—to ideas, as expressed (copyrights), or as embodied in a practical implementation (patents). In today’s legal systems, IP typically includes at least copyrights, trademarks, patents, and trade secrets.

In the United States, federal law almost exclusively governs copyrights and patents, since the Constitution grants Congress the power "to promote the progress of science and useful arts." These Laws are wholly immoral and include such egregious acts as;
The patenting of lifesaving drugs resulting in the deaths of millions,
The copyrighting of songs by the music industry which results in imprisonments and fines of Innocent people
The SOPA/HIPA laws which would have regulated the internet to the point that it would have become unrecognizable.

The need for property rights only exist because of the natural scarcity of tangible, physical resources, and cannot apply to things which are infinitely reproducible like ideas or electronic files. Only tangible possessions can be the object of conflict between people and so it is only for them that property rules apply. Thus, patents and copyrights are unjustifiable monopolies granted by government legislation and it is this monopoly privilege that creates an artificial scarcity at the expense of us, the consumer.

These "Intellectual Property Rights" will always and forever violation the individual property rights of the consumer, e.g., to use one’s own tangible property as one sees fit.
IP can never be justified; let us end it, NOW!

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